Monday, March 11, 2013

Happiness Triggers

My parent's driveway. I know, amazing!

It would be pretty difficult to be a faith-inspired online writer and not know of Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience. She is an ordinary lady who loves God wholeheartedly and allows us to travel with her on this crazy journey of following after Him.

This morning her blog post reminded me of something I wrote while my mother was living her last days. The theme being that our inner happiness can be triggered by an outside action or reminder. Ann's example was a sign on the side of the road that said "Honk if you are happy". (Go read her post, it is delightful!) The following is a re-post of my story......

The man scared me the first time I saw him there on the side of the road. It was a curvy mountain road without sidewalks. We were staying with my parents for a few days and the winding mountain road had trees lining it as the forest tried to reclaim its territory.

Each time we left my parent’s home on an errand or to get some dinner out, there he was, on the very edge of the road with thick trees behind him and black asphalt in front of him.

An old man, he smiled and waved as we went passed him. That first time I assumed he must be a friend of my Dad’s. He waved with expectation of a return wave and really seemed happy to see us. I smiled and waved back.

But then again the next day and the next, he was standing there. Now I noticed that he wore an orange road-workers type vest with reflective strips on it. But he was not working. He was standing and waving and smiling.

My Dad did not know him by name. Just said that he was always there, waving at passers by.

I wondered about the waving man. Was he unbalanced in mind? Did his family know what he was doing or are they the ones who got him the protective vest to wear, knowing he was determined to be out there anyway?

Then I began to realize that I was looking for him and a smile was ready each time we went by, whether he was there or not. This strange stranger was making me smile even during this tough visit to be with my Dad while my mom was in the hospital, living her last days.

Maybe the old man saw this as a kind of job, like a greeter at walmart. He probably enjoyed the different reactions he got from the passing cars. Was he doing it for himself or for others? I wonder if he knew that he was making me smile after a morning of tears.

It takes so little to lift another’s spirit.  

Thank you waving man.

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  1. What a nice waving man to make quite a few people smile, I am sure.

  2. So true that it takes just a little effort to affect someone else's day in a positive manner. Beautiful story.

    I miss those Walmart greeters . . .

  3. Ahhh to be a person who takes such pure joy in giving others joy!

  4. He may have been an angel sent to wave at you and bring that smile to your face. One of God's secret messengers. We've had a few of those in our day...very similar to that. God works in mysterious ways! Whatever and whoever he was...God sent him, you can be sure of that. Just treasure the memory and whisper a word of thanks! :) (I know you already did).

  5. I've got to go check out her blog!!

  6. Amen. Such a similar story to Ann's. And so simple, these ways we can bless.
    Thank you for sharing your story. Beautiful.

  7. Susie, linked this post to today's post on Hope you like it!


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