Friday, March 22, 2013

Old Love Is the Sweetest

I noticed the elderly man at the store today for a couple of reasons. (And when I say "elderly" I mean late-late 80's, NOT 57 as one blogger wrote recently! Sheesh! Of course, maybe even 80-year-olds do not FEEL elderly, what do I know?) 

He was passing the end of an aisle and all I could see at first was him with his hand pulling the cart behind him. I noticed him because usually you would see the cart first and then a person pushing it. He shuffled along, then came the cart, then came his wife hanging on to the cart handle. 

What made me smile was his determined gait and how one of her hands reached out to the pretty Easter holiday items at the end of the store aisle. She clearly wanted to stop but could not because she had to hold onto the cart. It wasn't mean of him, he may not have even known her desire. I did not hear any verbal exchange between them.

I smiled because I recognized myself. I want, want, want as we walk through a store. Even Walmart makes me want stuff. I want to touch the silly pastel baskets with fur along the edges. Why? No reason. My eyes linger on the sparkles and the summer beach dishes. Who needs special shiny bright colored bowls for the pool area when you don't have a pool? 

The picture of these two also stays with me because I want that. I want to be shuffling along with my husband when we are very old. I am more aware of that desire since my mom passed. At night I will sometimes lie very still and make sure I hear him breathing next to me. Snoring is a beautiful thing. 

We are not even in our 60's yet so I shouldn't be allowing my mind to wander down this road, but it gets away from me every once in a while. Don't tell me not to worry and it's a long way away or God will take care of me. I know all of that. Facts are facts and stuff happens.

When we shop at the grocery store, he has the cart and I go off gathering things while he is busy reading labels and figuring out individual unit pricing. When I get bored with the lack of movement I will wander over to the pretty things and then we will use our cells to meet up again near the yogurt section. I hate food shopping, but he is really good at it. 

So we are not at the shuffling, cart pulling, pushing stage just yet. 
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  1. Aw. I love to see old...ahem older couples together. The sense of commitment seems rare- but you can tell the ones who are from days when the word had meaning. ;)

  2. Sweet post, Susie. It is so touching to see an older couple working and being together so naturally, like breathing in and out.

    I wrote something similar in my In Fine Company post-- about the lust of stuff. It's so easy to fall into that hypnotic trance of wants!

  3. Old love is the sweetest sometimes, isn't it? My dh and I are married 41 years and are very young LOL, well, somewhat young. Not late 80s yet.

  4. Love this...sounds so familiar. Well, not the old couple part...yet. Although we do walk along together somewhat...but then he gets bored and takes off to look at other stuff...and then we call on our cell phones to reconnect. I used to take my parents shopping before they got to the point where they just couldn't go anymore. They were so sweet together. I'd give most anything to take them shopping again...but they are happily resting in heaven where there is no need to shop! They've got EVERYTHING they need now! Someday we will too.
    Until then, happy shopping!

  5. I like this Susie and I can see the pictures it brings up for me too. My husband and I are a little further along on that path than you being in our 60's. So, the picture seems more real.

    I'm not much of a shopper -- more a frustrated shopper. I have to be in the mood. Usually when I'm in the mood and have money to spend I can't find anything I like. So, my husband mostly does the grocery shopping for us and he's better at it than me. He knows where everything is in the store. When I go to the store I have to hunt around for everything and go to the directories.

    We'll be married 47 years this year and yet it doesn't seem as long as it sounds. He is so much a part of my life in the everyday things. We're now both retired and spend our days together with our different interests and I'm loving it. We talk and discuss things and will someday probably look like the couple you wrote about. Only I would hope to be able to still contribute and add my junk food to the cart if I like.

    Take care - hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  6. I love this. So clearly do I see them, it's like I'm right in the store, trying to get my dang cart around theirs because I'm in such a hurry. Thanks for making me slow down and see them. Then slow down again to see myself in them. Like you lately I've been more aware than ever of how fleeting our days are. I'd like to be that little old woman pushing the cart my bent old Beve pulls...but I think I'll have to be IN the cart by then. Still loving Jesus together though. All the way to the bank.

  7. *Cue tears springing to my eyes* Beautiful post! I love this picture. I want to be that old couple too, except maybe with me pulling the cart. LOL! Who said 57 was elderly? Clearly a blogger in her teen years.


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