Friday, March 22, 2013

Writing, writing, writing.....

"Our assigned sleeping cabins were modern and comfortable once I got over seeing lizards on the walls and skittering through the room every once in a while. Early the next morning I was awakened by loud talking just outside my window, I could not understand the language but it sounded intense, almost as if an argument was taking place right outside my cabin. This happened three mornings in a row and the mystery was solved later one afternoon when I saw a Fijian standing next to my window speaking loudly into a cell phone. Apparently this particular spot on the island, high atop a hill, was the only place that reception for cell phones would work!"
A clip from a piece I wrote for a Travel Magazine contest. This website is so fun and full of wonderful information, go check out Dave's Travel Corner.
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  1. Whenever I finally get my little cabin built on our property, I can imagine you could write the same things...except we speak English here...but there are only certain spots where our cell phones work...and the lizards were here first. You may see a few bears wandering through in the night if you stay up and watch! I can't wait to see your travelog on that trip! (I'm speaking prophetically here!!!) LOL.

    1. Haha! Pamela, I don't know, your bears are scaring me lately. That cabin-to-be better built with solid steel doors and walls to make sure is remains bear-proof! But thanks for the prophetic invite!

    2. No worries...just don't put any honey on your toes and you should be fine...or leave a trail of bird seed to your door. I promise you will be safe and sound...! Now I just need to get it built and then get you over here! :)

  2. Fun piece. I love travel writing. I'll have to check out this site! Thanks!


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