Monday, April 1, 2013

Had No Idea My Yellow Rose Had so Much to Say!

UPDATE 2015...I have not been blogging as often as I used to because I am working hard on a personal writing project that is my priority right now. I will give more details in the days to come...SO EXCITED! But today I came across this blog post that I wrote in 2013 and I really love it. It inspires me to keep working on my project and I hope it inspires you today also..... 

This is one of those times I am beginning a blog post with a need to write but no sense of where it will take me (or us). I have a paid assignment to finish today and this will be my "warm-up" exercise, so to speak. 

A few days ago I posted the photo of the closed tight rose bud, admitting that I felt the same. I love watching the transformation of a rose as it slowly but quickly, if both can be true, opens its petals to the sun and reveal its beautiful color and aroma. All of these photos of the same blossom were taken between March 25 and March 31. Incredible really! 

The elaborate and intricate beauty of this single flower shouts and whispers to me about the One who created it the very first time. Do you ever wonder why God invented flowers the way He did? Why use such vibrant colors and scents? Why so much ridiculous variety? 

God imagined and then produced more varieties and types of flowers than we could ever think up or even collect in a life time. There are teeny tiny blossoms in glorious color explosions on the side of a mountain somewhere that no person will EVER see! Why? Such a complicated process for each bloom and they last only days at a time. The floral bouquet will grow, mature and bloom there in the hidden spot for a few days or hours and then wither and die without any human being laying eyes on it. Why?

There is much about God that we cannot and will not understand. If you hear a speaker talk as if they understand God and all of His ways, you may want to consider that a red flag. We are simply unable to grasp the mind of God. But.....

The flowers do reveal some truth about the One who made us and the universe in which we live. The rose in my backyard tells me that God loves color and aroma and beauty. The tender yellow petals sing to me of a tender-hearted Father who knows how to be gentle. The swirls of over-lapping petals that fit just so, tell me that my God loves order and synchronization. Conversely, the uneven shapes and sizes of the nestled rose petals reveal a love for a bit of chaos within the fitted blossom. 

The curled edges talk to me of smooth transitions from one petal to the next. The shades of yellow from vibrant to muted show me that change is inevitable but possible. The life-green stem and leaves are strong and protective and yes, even the thorns remind me of God's power and His release of that power to us, his people. 

And the aroma. I have sniffed and tested so-called "Rose Scented" perfume over and over again for years and have never found one that "caught" the actual aroma of a rose. It is strong and gentle at the same time. It is sweet and spicy together. I don't think that man can do it. We cannot replicate the true scent of a rose. We are missing some secret element that only the One who created it can conjure. 

The precise care for detail and flabber-gasting beauty of a rose can only advertise that God loves variety, color, beauty for all of the senses and that He loves us in all of our variety and aromas too. When I look at a rose...really look at it and take it in, I feel loved by God. He did not HAVE to make flowers so lovely and interesting, but I am thinking that maybe He did it that way for His own pleasure and for our pleasure.

Maybe when He stops and looks at one of us, in all our detail, He smiles and breathes us in just like we do a rose. Consider that it is our differences of shape, size and color that He enjoys and revels in. God could have created all flowers exactly alike. They would still have served their ecological purpose. He also could have made each one of us exactly alike. But he did not. 

The yellow rose in my backyard is a reminder to me that I am loved by God. This message of love has caused me to let my tense shoulders fall a bit and relax my petals, opening them to Him in trust because I am loved. The yellow rose tells me that He knows me in the smallest detail and that I give Him pleasure and delight. 

So do you...even if you are a daisy or a cactus or a dandelion.

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  1. I love this! Yes, God does speak to us through His amazing creation all around us. We just have to take the time to open our eyes and listen! :) This was great! I'm so glad you took the time to notice!!!! btw, did you rescue the rose from the thunderstorm???

    1. It survived the storm and I haven't brought it inside yet. I love having them inside too.

  2. Gorgeous present from Him - both the revealed lessons and the created beauty!

  3. And here I look at rose and think, "gee, that's pretty." Guess that's a guy's perspective. :-) Oh, and almost every time I sit down to write I have no idea where it's going to take me. It ended up a very nice post though so I think it worked out rather well!

    1. Hi Jeff, thanks for coming by. Sometimes all I see is a pretty flower too. But something hit me harder this time because I first identified with the closed up bud earlier in the week.

  4. Roses bring back sweet memories of my Mom......she loved them! What a sweet aroma of God's love.....

    Loved this story!!! :)

  5. Lovely and thought-provoking. I will have to meditate on this for a bit. Thanks for sharing your heart, as always, Susie.


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