Thursday, April 4, 2013

Random Journal Day - One Year Birthday!

It is the one year birthday of Random Journal Day, the once-a-month writing prompt using a page from one of your old journals. It has been fun and I send out a big THANK YOU  to my friend Dawn for organizing the LINK-UP  with other bloggers so we can all sneak peaks into the journal entries of strangers and online friends. To celebrate our 1 year together she has created a brand new logo using her collection of journals. It looks great!

Today I opened one of my journals from our decade of being the Overseers of Potter's House School of the Supernatural, our small ministry school. They were days full of activity and young people. We adored it and every year we fell in love with our new students. We are still in contact with almost all of them (about 125) in small and big ways, thanks to social media!

Ready for the first day of school 2008.
Arriving between 7 and 7:30 am every morning, we opened up the church offices and set about preparing the atmosphere for our first hour of worship with the students who would arrive at 8. At least MOST arrived on time, there were always those who stumbled in with bed-head and sleep-creases on their faces about 8:30.

The guitarist and drummer would fill the room with music and I could see the sleepy eyes change as the minutes ticked by. Some would begin to sparkle with an inner joy as God spoke something sweet into their hearts. Others would be full of tears as they repented and received forgiveness in as quickly as it takes to ask. 

I can see a beautiful dark-haired one swaying with the music in front of the big picture window that framed swaying trees lining the creek next door. A passionate young guy is flat on the floor, face down, talking to God with a muffled voice. Students are also scattered among the chairs, reading, writing in journals and drawing their worship as the music swirls around each of us. 

The rest of the day was full of teaching, small group meetings, art, counseling and outreach. It was all valuable and it all made significant changes in the lives that shared their year or two together. But that first hour of worship; I am convinced that more deep ministry and healing happened in that hour or two than in any of the classes that followed!

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  1. Susie, you have lived a really beautiful life of grace. How sweet it must have been sharing these creative gifts together in community ...inspiring. Love you and thanks for making our RJD possible! I am so grateful for you and the way God caused me to nag you -HA! (expert nag) that we should start this thing based on one of your blog posts! You are a blessing!

    1. Thanks Dawn, You know what? It is odd but my best friends have always been people who nag me into stuff that is good for me. I can think of 2 others besides you that could easily be called nags. Ha! God must love me a lot!

  2. Love this picture of your discipleship school. I spent a summer at one similar to this in my twenties, and also did a YWAM DTS. They all have the same sweet hour of worship to open one's eyes before the teaching begins (If I hadn't been trained to be prompt, I'd have been a tardy type, God knows I'm NOT a morning person!). Love that you shared this. Do you miss it? Also, thanks for beginning this community of journal-keepers. It's been a privilege to rub shoulders (pens, and computers!) with all who share.

    1. It was a dream job and we loved it and do miss it very much. My Hubs and a friend created it and our church generously allowed us to give ourselves to it for ten years. I am so thankful for social media which lets us keep in touch with almost all of our students who have become great friends. We loved the work that YWAM did and does also, great ministry!

  3. I am always amazed to hear stories about people working for the Lord. Thank you for sharing this beautiful memory with us.


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