Friday, May 10, 2013

I think I just accidentally convinced Hubs that I need to get out more......

I really need to talk to someone besides my husband and the dog.....

Hubs called me this morning while on his break at work. While saying good-bye I said,

"Bye bye, love you baby girl." *

 Good thing we are meeting friends for dinner tomorrow night!!!

* By the way....this is what I sometimes call the dog. Some of the comments are making me think I did not make that very clear! Ha!
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  1. So funny! Yep! Time to get Susie out of the house!!! LOL! Have fun!

  2. i find being home all day relaxing but it is true that it can shut you off to the real world. When hub comes home from work it is like he is returning from another planet not just another job. lisa x

  3. I just said, "see you Sunday,Mom" to my brother...and I was out all day.

  4. Sometime when I'm talking to my 12-yr-old, I'll call him "buddy". I was talking to my husband the other day and he said, 'Uh...did you just call me buddy? That's sort of...weird." I'm not a nickname person except with my child (who has half a dozen), so it was pretty weird.

  5. You watch too much Criminal Minds.

  6. Sounds like you have a lot on your mind. My hubby and my son have the same middle name. Years ago our dog, named Yogi, was about to drive me to distraction. I turned around to the dog and yelled, "Stop it Yogi Dale." I was in the car with our son. The dog was in the back seat and about the time I said this, hubby opened the car door and heard it. It was a running joke for a while. But, when we got another dog--an Irish Setter, we included the middle name in his registration papers.


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