Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sheldon & I Have the Twitches

It is a Tuesday night and the kitchen is clean after cooking a well-received dinner for my husband, son and myself. At the last minute, when I complained that I forgot to buy any good vegetables to go with our meat and rice, Hubs reminded me that the first zucchini in our garden is ready and we added it to our yummy dinner! 

I have circled the house, not in the mood to read (when does that ever happen?), feeling restless and at loose ends. I know what the problem is and I know how to solve it. 

See that video clip up there? It is poor genius Sheldon Cooper twitching with extreme discomfort and his head is about to explode if he does not get to complete what he has started. 

This is how I feel when I have not written a blog post in too many days. So here I am wondering where this post will go. I don't even know what to write about tonight.

I've been concentrating on my other writing and getting used to some changes in our household this last month. Rocker Son has moved back home for a while and there is much I could brag, complain and wonder about with you regarding this change...but I am not sure how to do that in an honest but honoring way. I don't want to embarrass my kids on here. They have never complained and I think they are proud of my blog and my writing pursuit. Would they be mortified if I told you......see I just now wrote some bullet points and had to delete them!

I will say that adjusting to the empty nest and then having it become a not-so-empty nest is an interesting and odd experience. For the most part, I love having my son here, I am enjoying the second chance to connect with and know this surprising and kind man. It is an amazing gift to see your child move into being an independent and smart adult. 

I look at my son and see the little 4 year old with sparkly eyes, shaggy hair and a handful of action figure guys, running outside to have an adventure with his friends. Then I blink my eyes and he is 26, putting on his sunglasses as he heads out the door to his jeep and heading to work, delivering car parts. 

What a gift this is! I read so many mom-blogs by young mothers who are struggling about being the best mom they can. They see no end in sight and are over-tired from the tension of "doing it all Pinterest-style". I am on the other side and even though I made tons of mistakes both large and small, my sons are really wonderful young men! 

There is hope you guys! They are going to be fine. And if they are not, if your kids grow up and make a mess of their lives, it seldom causes permanent damage. The adult kids go through challenging phases just like the toddlers do. It passes. There is hope. They will be OK.

Alright. My twitching has stopped. A blog post has been written. Aah, that feels much better! Thanks.

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  1. Ah yes, the confusing moments of "Now what do I write?"

    Parenting never really ends, does it? But then, neither does learning :)

    Great post.

    1. I always feel better after I write something, even just in a journal. Is it an addiction, is that what that means? Don't know....don't care.

  2. This was worth waiting for! Thanks for reaffirming what I already believed about the empty nest/and not so empty nest...as I have been living and reliving that for many years! BTW, how was the squash????

    On another note, I see you have a spam note above from Nina John. I received the exact same message this morning on my blog. Interesting that they hit both of us. You may want to remove it to the "spam" file before it grows. LOL!!!

    Welcome back to our little blog world! :)

    1. Yes I saw it just now and deleted it before reading your comment. It is weird how they "grow" on one post. I have an older post that is constantly getting these by the hundreds. So odd and such a waste of time.

      I know you have experience with the ins and outs of the "empty nest". So many conflicting thoughts in my head/heart!

    2. Apparently other bloggers received the same message today. I hate to go back to the "captcha" verification thing for comments...such a pain for people and they just don't want to leave comments as a result...so I guess I've left myself open to spammers. This is the first one I've had in a while.

  3. Susie-- I've had a little of that empty nest now you see it, now you don't thing going on myself. It IS an adjustment. I love having my son home very very much but need to get used to the disruptions in my solitude again! :)

  4. My kids 25 & 20, have veto-ed many of my blog posts and that in itself is hard to adapt to, censorship I mean; i don't do well with it.
    Thank you for you truly loving words on my blog the other day, they meant so much and gave me inspiration from a different point of view. Lisa xx Praying for your son during this transition.

  5. The re-feathered nest...what a concept. Though our kids are in their mid-twenties, I'm still wondering it'll be like to have an empty one. In my case, what I hope for is that our nest will be a nest in which our broken-winged son can feel safe. And someday--by God's grace--fly again. And that's good enough.
    AND I have exactly the same feeling when I haven't written in a while. My fingers itch to write...even if I don't know what they want to say (and isn't it true that often our writing comes straight out of our fingers?).


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