Friday, June 14, 2013

Do Colors Hold Special Meanings in Your life? OR Enough With The Blue, It's Time for Red!

We are having our first ever garage sale at the end of this month and I've been struggling with pricing items. I don't know how to step away and be objective about stuff that I've lived with for years and years. 

I have organized and helped set up countless school, church and ministry school yard sales, but this is completely different. I stare long and hard at a little 6 piece blue and white china tea set and don't know if it's worth $1 or $5. I love the silly little thing, but it has been hidden away in our blue/white guest room for a few years and I no longer want little knick-knacks like that in my living areas. 

Actually the whole garage sale could be called a BLUE & WHITE SALE because that will clearly be the predominant theme. This has led me down a thought-path regarding color and what certain colors mean in our lives. Want to join me on the path? No promises about where it will end though. 

I still love blue and will continue to treasure certain pieces of it. (Like my latest gorgeous gift from my SIL. Not selling it, Carol!) But the predictability of always choosing blue has been annoying me in the last few years, when the color I am really drawn to is RED. I would see a chair or juice pitcher and choose the blue because it "goes", but the chair really looks better and more fun in red. 

Hopefully this desire for red in my life has nothing to do with the infamous syndrome of many women in my age bracket...The Red Hat Society is made up of older women who have decided to wear red anytime they want, including the shocking habit of pairing it up with purple! This is a real thing and here's some proof; my Mama ready to attend a Red Hat event. 

Red has some history with me whenever I think of wearing it, and maybe certain colors have history or memories for you too. Are we drawn to a color for reasons beyond the color itself? what do you think?

When I wear red I always recall nervously asking my husband of less than 10 years which pair of red earrings I should wear to my brother's wedding. We are in the car on the way to the wedding and I am holding up a set of small red hoop earrings and a set of larger square shaped red earrings. I was worrying about my dress being more low-cut that I was used to, and giving an opinion about what I wore was just one more thing that my sweet hubs had already learned to stay away from. I chose the bigger red earrings thinking they may pull attention away from my dress. 

As it happens, all attention WAS turned our way as we entered the room full of relatives because my uncle (whom I love and shall remain unnamed) loudly said,  "Couldn't you find anything redder?" Haha! Was not laughing at the time. 

Red is a happy and carefree color to me. And thanks to that memory, it also makes me feel a little rebellious. (Which, now that I think about it, probably ties back to the Red Hat Ladies, hmm) We have one wall in our home that is a deep red and it still gives me pleasure after years of looking at it. Do colors give you a certain mood or memory? Are some colors taboo to you for a reason you can share with me? 
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  1. You are such a hottie in that dress! And THOSE earrings! lol. So your going red on us, hmm? Not purple as in ....ahem When I am an -oh never mind.

    1. Ha! Thanks Dawn, it WAS pretty hot temp-wise in Rocklin, CA in the middle of summer-time. Haha! Hey we're having a great convo about this on FB, come join us!

  2. Ahh Suzie. Firstly, thank you for your loving words on my black day yesterday, I am feeling brighter today and amazed really just how much your current life situation mirrors mine. The dependency is the worst part I guess, I have always done one thing or another to contribute financially and feel a bit lost without that.
    I don't wear red because I am a red head and it clashes. Garage sales- wow, so much work, we have survived a few. My hub is a hoarder and I am anything but. I can let things go but Hub cant. I hope your garage sale goes well and again thank you for caring. Buzz Buzz xx

  3. Susie: I wish you well in your garage sale. I have so much stuff, I need to do one but it would take a lot of my energy to do one. My favorite color of all is teal. I am have a winter collection and love the bright colors of winter clothes.

  4. You look great in red! I don't wear red either because I was a redhead too, like the commenter above. My hair has turned darker now, with gray creeping in, so I can wear deeper shades of red, but it still wouldn't be my first choice because my mind tells me it will clash. I also had a lot of blue in my house. Now it seems to have turned to green in some places...I love a spring leaf green, which is probably more like chartreuse. But it has such a natural look and blends in with our outdoor scenery, and it makes me say , aaaahhhhhh, and relax. I also love teal. I guess that is blue and green combined. I want to paint a wall this leafy green color in our bathroom, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Right now the walls are white...and I am sick of white walls.
    Good luck with your yard sale. I wish I could say goodbye to some "things" around here, but it IS a lot of work. We've found it easier to just donate stuff to the local church thrift store and be done with it.
    Thanks for this post. Made me sit down and take a break and think about something other than dusting my furniture for a few minutes. Ok, back at it. Bye.

  5. Interesting. I've never been a major red fan. I usually find it too bold, but some people wear it well. I prefer the various hues of blue and certain (but by no means all) hues of green. But a person should wear what a person likes to wear.

  6. You look great in red! I'm a blue girl w/ my clothes, I think.


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