Sunday, June 9, 2013

"It Is Too Much, God. It's Too Much!"

The atmosphere around me was too quiet and sleepy. That’s fine when you are at home, on your couch at the end of the day. But this was a cold and stormy morning during our ministry school worship time where I was on staff. We were trying to connect with God with the help of a CD rather than the usual live band that day. I watched the wind outside our classroom windows push the huge trees around as if they were nothing, and it reminded me of the Bible passage we were all studying that week.

Psalm 29 included these words... "The voice of the Lord is upon the waters.
The voice of the Lord is in the thunder. The voice of the Lord is powerful
and full of majesty!"

I read it aloud to the class and everyone responded with happy praises and exclamations of God's might and goodness and worthiness, telling Him how wonderful He is. As I continued to praise Him on my own, I became overwhelmed with God's amazing power and size in comparison to little old me.

My thoughts began to tumble over one another with awe. "He is SO vast, SO limitless, SO completely immeasurable!"

As I contemplated the vastness of God, another surprising thought entered my mind. "His LOVE for me is just as big and limitless as WHO HE IS!"

Can I repeat that? His LOVE for me is just as big and limitless as WHO HE IS!

He just kept telling me that His love for me was huge and unending. That He loved me so much, that in His eyes I could do no wrong. Nothing I do, could appear bad or wrong in His all-loving eyes. Like a brand new parent whose newborn can do no wrong. When an infant burps, fills diapers or cries, the mother does not see these acts as a failure or mistake. She does not wait for the newborn to apologize and repent. The baby’s actions do not change the mother’s love. Rather, the parent rejoices in everything the baby does! “What a perfect burp!”

A new parent thinks every “coo” and facial expression is adorable and entertaining. But even a mother’s love can be altered and diminished. It can become faulty and cruel. This is where God’s love differs from that of a human parent. His love is perfect. His love is without fear and without boundaries or ending.

God loved me like that and much more, and He wanted me to know it that morning. As the waves and waves of His love began to come over me, I actually felt afraid and I heard myself praying. "It's too much God, it's too much!"

I thought that I could not contain it anymore. And I was right. The dictionary definition of "contain" is: "Restrain, to keep under proper control."

Then I saw an inward picture of myself on a beach with a bucket in my hands. I was trying to catch His love. Like trying to catch the ocean waves. He wanted me to drop the silly bucket and let the waves of love overwhelm me and carry me away.

This all took place within minutes, while I knelt in the back of a classroom full of students. Getting "carried away" was NOT my favorite thing. I like to be in control. In fact, I had been giving myself credit for using a bucket rather than a little cup, as in the old song from my childhood, "Fill my cup Lord. I lift it up Lord. Come and fill this thirsting of my soul." But God's love was way too much for my bucket, way too much to contain and control and use. It was more powerful than my ability to stand up to it. Before long, I was lying on the floor, what else could I do? My God’s love for me was quite literally OVERWHELMING!

God's love for you is as BIG as He is!

Are you trying to contain God’s love? Trying to keep it in order and control? The old hymn about holding our “cup” up to him to fill and quench our thirsting soul was a small and completely inadequate measure for what He wants to give us.

On that stormy morning in our ministry school, I felt that I was being very generous and thinking big, to hold up a bucket instead of a measly little cup. But God was not, and is not satisfied with either of those containers. No container will suffice! His delight is to knock us off our feet with His powerful waves of love! Tumble us over and over until we are gasping for air and laughing with the freedom of it all!

It can be frightening to be out of control. For some of us that is our greatest fear. But to be out of control WITHIN His control is true freedom and delight. To try to understand it, analyze it or contain it is impossible. God was showing me that it was time to stop trying. Is He showing you this today?

Give up. It is time to drop our buckets and allow the waves of God’s love to sweep us off our feet!

*A blatant plea: If you were to read this, would you want to read more chapters like this? I have become spoiled with the instant gratification of blogging and want to know if I am on the right track for a bigger project. Thanks, S
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  1. What a beautiful picture you have painted for us today. Even though "Fill My Cup Lord" is one of my favorites, I totally get this new picture of filling up more than my cup, more than a bucket, but filling my whole being to overflowing with God's love and mercy and sweet grace...and power. Power to do His will...power to step out of the little box I've painted myself into, and step out into His wonderful place of total surrender to His will. Yes, this is good, and we thirst for more. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Pam. That little box can feel so safe and comforting at times, but its not true freedom. Freedom in Him is scary and challenging, but once you've tasted it, there is no going back to the box. Thanks for always encouraging me Pam!

  2. It fills my heart that you find so much happiness in your faith. Faith is an amazing thing.
    I will read whatever you write Suzie xx

    1. Your words mean so much Lisa, thank you Miss Queen Bee! Ha!

  3. More, I want more, more, more. You are onto something here. Thank you for sharing from you heart.

  4. Love this! And I am here for whatever you write, whenever you write it!

  5. Great post! I don't think we can ever read too much of God showing Himself to His children! Write on, Sue.

  6. Susie, I love the God-interrupts-churchy stuff. Think there is definitely a time and place for it. Would love to read more.

    1. Thanks Marcia, your book inspired me so much. The way you wrote about your missionary life as real as you could. The raw honesty is so inspiring to me!


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