Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stuff being Sold - Stuff being Written - Stuff being Eaten

I'm in the mood for a bullet list today because it is 95 degrees HOT here at 6pm and I am exhausted from doing THIS! ^  Yep, we are having our first Garage Sale in over 30 years of marriage. And wow, I have always been pretty good at sending stuff to the goodwill, but I am finding lots of goodies that I hope will bring us some $$$! 

So here goes:

  • Ack! Cleaning, pricing, arranging stuff for the sale. Found about 5 different online ad sites to list our sale and now we hope for the best. 
  • No, the stuff WILL NOT RETURN to the house!
  • I just got my third permanent freelance writing job! Well, I need to send and get paid for 2 test articles by next TUESDAY. Yikes! Then they will decide if I am a good fit to write their blog on their website. But they like my samples. More info when it happens. Yay!
  • Good-bye Empty nest - Hello super hero mugs. Rocker Son is back and it's been good. 
  • I had a professional hair-cut  this week. For the first time in over 2 years!! Feels so good and she said I hadn't messed it up too terribly. 
  • Been praying for my blog-friend Diva. Her hubs was in a bad motorcycle accident and the recovery is hard on him and the rest of their amazing family. Join me?
  • Looking happily forward to a family reunion this summer! We have not been together since my mother's funeral 2 years ago. We will be staying with my Dad in the home he shared with her and it will be weird and hard, but need to get used to the new normal. 
  • You agree with me that you should not sell a book that makes you go "Aaw!" when you find it in a box? Right? Even if there are lots and lots of them? See, I thought so! Thnx.
  • TOMATOES!! I am so very happy that our garden is giving us so many yummy tamayturs....Tonight will be BLTs for sure. 
Aren't they gorgeous? Oh the FLAVOR!!
Blessings to you, hope your week is a winner.

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  1. If I lived closer I would take all the garage sale goodies off your hands! Motorcycles have always scared me...just sayin'. I am sorry for your blog sister 's hubby- will pray. And reunion? Oy Vey! ;)

    1. You wouldn't want to be on the Hoarder Show, would you? Got to get this stuff outta here! I will be so disappointed if people don't come. We are a small town in between some bigger towns, so I advertised all over the place. Now if I can relax enough to sleep tonight we'll be good.

  2. Much luck with the yard sale ( take photos) and I agree with the book thing.
    I tried selling mine on ebay but it was gut wrenching, i just couldn't do it.
    Its hot there ? Freezing and wet here.
    Sending healing energy to your home-again son.
    Congrats Suzie on the writing commissions, I hope that works out well for you my friend x

    1. So many of the books have sentimental value even if I haven't read them in years and my never again. Hubs wants me to be ruthless and I can't with books. I am surprising myself at the detachment I feel over all the little knick knacks I have collected for years. Just want it gone and to streamline my environment.
      Thanks for caring, Lisa, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  3. have a lot going on girlfriend!!! Thinking about you in the midst of it all. Praying for you as you have that family reunion back "home". I know that feeling so well. (((hugs)))) Pictures of your new haircut??? I think you looked marvelous anyway dahling!!! Good luck with the yard sale. Wish I could send you some of my junk to sell too!!!

  4. Oh to have our adult kiddos at home for a bit-- it's been my bliss this summer! Hope the garage sale went well and you are rollin' in the dough now. And no, never sell a book that touches your heart strings. It's not worth the .50 that you will get for it.

  5. Your books and "stuff" will be as much a blessing to others - maybe a multitude of others - as they were to you. Hope all goes well. I'm sure you will prepare for early buyers who want everything at 1/2 of your price. Love to you and Curt and Rocker Pete. Hi to all from me/us.

  6. Must be that time of year to be set free of all of the things that clutter our lives!! You know, really is freeing! I find that my clutter not only creeps in to my physical space but my mind space too!!! Last week I spent time throwing out and giving away "things." There were some hard decisions, but I'm so glad that I let them go....BUT I do draw the line at those personal books that touch my heart........KEEPERS!!!!

    Blessings to you......

  7. Congrats on those permanent freelance writing jobs! I hope you can find a nice break from the heat. The east coast hasn't been hit with the brutal temps yet, but summer is young.


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