Thursday, June 6, 2013

The International One Word Mother's Prayer : HELP!

Grab a journal and use the open page to write a blog post, then link up with the millions of other bloggers  across the universe who are doing the same thing this weekend! (Some mild forms of HYPE may have been included in this description.) My friend Dawn organizes the link up beautifully over on her beachy and refreshing blog, Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith. Go see her, she's a hoot and spiritual and used to be a fitness trainer. She lives in/on (?) the beautiful and gorgeous Rhode Island!

My random page makes me tired just reading about a pretty normal day in my life in 1992 and yes, it was a smart move to invite God to take it. Otherwise I could not guarantee that I would still be here today. 

"Lord, I give you today. Please take it, the way things have been lately, I'll be sure to get all uptight before its over.  Here I am at 7:30 handing you this new day. Please guide me thru it with patience, both yours and mine. Thank you Lord...I'm so thankful that you do not look down on a request like this.

The boys are eating breakfast ( they were 9 & 5) and arguing about who knows what. We need to get Molly (the dog) to The Dapper Dog before 9am then take the boys to swim lessons at 9:45. After swim lessons we have to get in line to sign them up for the next session of lessons at the end of summer. Then after we get home and into dry clothes, I need to take B to Jordan's at Noon to visit until 4pm. 

P will be unhappy about that so I've got to think of a treat for him while B is gone. When B comes home around 4 we will next go pick up Molly by 5. Then at 5:30 Hubs, B & P will all go to the Royal Ranger camp-out at the church. (a boys club at our church).

Somewhere in the middle of this day I need to get the new Sunday school roll-sheets typed and find a back-up nursery worker for this week. PLEASE help and maybe add in a sense of humor, I think I'm gonna need it today!"

As I typed this just now, I can see that this tired mama had some pretty great motivation to get her through this busy day. Did you catch it? She was about to have the house to herself all night because the "men" were going on an over-night camp-out!! 

Looking back at those crazy-busy times I am so thankful that God was there to help me and to protect my kids FROM me! One page before this entry I was laid out on my bed in a dark room with one of my re-curring headaches. They were so awful I could not move or I'd throw up. My poor family endured some very cranky "mom's got a headache!" days that were not fun at all, for anyone. 

Life is much quieter now, the headaches are gone and both my sons survived, though I really cannot remember if they all stayed out there the whole night or not. It's all a blur...which is probably a good thing.


Now hop on over to Dawn's blog and read the other journal lovers out there, ok?

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  1. Oh I remember days I went to bed feeling like the Wicked Witch of the West, I'd been so cranky and short-tempered. Now that my kids are adults (almost with one) I'm just so thankful they somehow survived me and are still such sweet adults!

    1. Yes, I consider it a mercy of God that He protects them from our bad days. I prayed that a lot and I can now say that He really does answer that prayer! Along with the "HELP!" prayer!

  2. I had my own times of 'headache' days. I had muscle inflammation and the accompanying tiredness one Friday night. I laid across our bed and slept until almost noon the next day.
    Hubby was laid off (sort of stressful) and I was trying to decide if I could afford to by insurance where I worked. God got me through those times.

  3. This just sounds so familiar...those were the days my friend...we thought they'd never end...we'd sing and dance forever and a day...LOL!!! But, time sure flies and the boys leave home...and then sometimes they come back again...Here we go loop de loo, here we go loop de li... (must be the white chicken enchiladas I had for supper...)
    Loved this, btw.

  4. Oh, I love this and just knew there was a reason you know EVERYTHING and understand so well! lol. God is so good though to show us the light at the end of the tunnel, yes? lol. And my favorite line in your HYPED UP advertisement for RJD is this: SHe used to be a Fitness Trainer! You have know idea how huge that is...I love that you said it and I am actually practicing saying those words...releasing...anyway that is a conversation for another day!


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