Saturday, June 1, 2013

There You Are!

I am not a big fan of silence. I usually have music going in my home if the television is not on. I love music while I am cleaning the house and I have some special instrumental music that I play when I am working/writing. 

But there is also another kind of noise that is crowding my mind and thoughts, it's not soothing, comforting or cheering to me. It is the never-ending and constant barrage of information and input I am getting all day long from the internet. 

I blame no one but myself. No one is forcing me to log on in the morning and then keep checking Facebook, email accounts, websites, blogs etc all day, every day. Over and over again. I don't even carry a smart-phone to send me bleeps that I have a new comment, don't need it, I am checking anyway! I work on my laptop so, there it is, just one little click away.


I think I have forgotten that getting into some silence is one of the best pathways to hearing God, first hand. Him to me. 

It is so EASY. but so HARD. 

The other day someone I know posted a music video that I'd heard before but I clicked it anyway. By the time it got to the final note I was sitting with my head back on the couch and tears were streaming down my face. 

I closed the laptop and my eyes and thanked God for the message in that song. It was perfect and timely for me. 

Then the sensation was gone and my normal pattern would be to open my eyes and my laptop and do some more browsing to see what I could see. 

But...This time I sat there and whispered a tiny little bit of a prayer, 
"I've missed You God. Thank you for that moment."

And He answered me,

"I'm here, I am always here." 

Of course He is always here. I KNOW that. We know that! BUT...I could not hear Him above the noise that was my constant companion. Yes, it was a song on Facebook that brought me to this lesson, but that moment only lasted as long as the song did. 

I had to CHOOSE to step into it a bit farther. 
To swim on out a bit DEEPER. 
To turn it all off and listen a little LONGER. 

To embrace the silence. 

Then it was..."Oh, there you are God!"

Remember this great scene when young Peter Pan was hidden inside grown-up Peter Pan?

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  1. "Be Still and KNOW that I am God..." Psalm 46:10

    Thank you for the are not alone in your noisy world...we all suffer from the same malady.
    We need these moments of recognition of God's Presence in the midst...thank you.

    1. You are welcome. I think we will probably need to keep reminding one another of this simple truth.

  2. I am constantly seeking silence, stillness, but it only seems to come to me when I shut everything else out.
    Like you, I am on the computer a lot but have said no to Facebook (except to play scrabble and have no 'friends' on there but i do occasionally 'like' things) and Twitter as well- they are time and energy munchers and I don't need that in my life.
    I am home alone most days and music accompanies me everywhere.
    I have received many divine messages in unexpected song lyrics, even old favorites sometime reveal gems of wisdom.
    I don't have a mobile phone nor an I-pod or I-pad; blogging fulfills my need for contact and for writing.
    Computer usage became much easier early this year when my family bought me a laptop for my 50th; it is so easy to have it on all the time but I am trying hard to keep it to a couple of hours each day. Trying. Not easy. Lisa xx

    1. Hi Lisa, it sounds like you have a healthy way to deal with the "noise" overload. I love getting new inspiration from old songs and being encouraged by reading blogs, but I have become lazy and tend to rely on these outside sources instead of being quiet sometimes myself.

  3. How nice you wrote about this Susie. I was reminded of this myself just yesterday but in a different way.

    There's a special feeling I have when I'm present in the moment and getting quiet helps in getting to that place.

  4. Sweet post! That is a big issue in this house. I like no noise...TV,Radio MOST of the time. But hub and girl like "background noise" most of the time...I hear him better in the quiet. In silence...because there are noises that are not noisy when we turn off all those man-made kind of noise, ya know? Anyway...seeking Him with you. Love and hugs!


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