Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guess What?

Guess what? Having a garage sale when the weather is in triple digits does not work so well. The streets were empty as a ghost town. We sat out there with driplets of "glow" running down our necks. As you can see, I did not have as much stuff as I thought. When it was all stacked up in a spare room it appeared to be so much more. 

On a gender note; remember all my little decorative pretties that made up the major part of the sale? Well most of our customers and ALL of our paying customers were men! In trucks. So Hub's car, yard and camping items sold, but my painfully sacrificed little bits of glass and china did not appeal to the men in trucks. One man did buy a christmas decoration for his wife though. 

Did I mention that it was HOT? 107....in a garage...on cement...with very few shoppers. BUT we did make enough to pay for Layla's board and room while we go on a short trip this summer and that was the main goal anyway. Free dog? NOT.

See this cute photo of Layla staring at the bench? This is a dog with high expectations. She is looking at her leash that is sitting on the bench. She believes that the appearance of her leash signals a WALK. But the poor baby is about to be sadly disappointed, because I am about to take her to a clinic for vaccinations. 

I will tell you more about that little experience on The Pet Supply Company Blog this Friday. Please come by and leave a comment so they know I am worth the big bucks I get for my words. (Ha!) 

Another "Guess what?" I am hosting the Random Journal Day this month!! Grab an old journal and be ready to link up your RJD post here at RCL this coming Friday, July 5th. At least I HOPE I will be able to figure out the LINKY thing that I let Dawn deal with every month. She is escaping from Internet connection for a few days, though I honestly CANNOT imagine that she will REALLY be able to stay off the grid completely. If she does succeed I am convinced that the World Wide Web will tilt a bit and no one will now why. But we will, won't we?  :) 

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  1. So sorry about your garage sale! That's why I don't have them anymore. I mostly just give stuff to local charities. (or keep it). If I'd have been there I would've bought something, 107 degrees or not!
    Love the picture of Layla. Also love the bench. Is that a table too? Looks very interesting. Did someone make it? What a neat idea!
    Glad to hear you and Hubs are going to get away. Enjoy!!! Hope it is someplace COOL!!
    Happy 4th of July!!

    1. Hi Pam! I LOVE my table/bench so much! My brother built it as a gift for me when he was in High School shop class! It won prizes at our state fair! The top comes down to become a table. I used it for my family dinner table for quite a while and now enjoy its bench-personality. It has a storage space too. I love it!

  2. it was so hard for me NOT to have a garage sale this spring. I forced myself to take load after load to the thrift shop instead. your post makes me feel better about my decision b/c I hate being hot :)

  3. Whew! That is awful hot. And hard to sell the pretties with grunty men around LOL!

  4. Such a shame about the garage sale. I cannot believe how many of my USA blogger friends are telling about the heat. We have huge temps every summer, so i know where you are comign from. Poor pup staring at her leash. How beautiful is that ?

  5. That picture of Layla is HILARIOUS! Seriously I am going to miss Banjo - 1 whole week without him...I honestly don't know if I can make it through the week without my puppy! Or the internet for that matter...I will be around, thanks to scheduled posts. But at the Lake in the mountains there is no internet access...PRAISE the Lord- she said before withdrawal kicked in!

    1. Haha! yeah I can imagine ALL the words you will have saved up for us! Yikes!


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