Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm Doing It!

Recently I posted a Facebook status sharing my excitement about gaining a new freelance writing client and I was shocked and overwhelmed at the huge cheering squad that responded with good wishes and congrats. I received comments of "Bravo" and "Yay for you"'s from people in my very distant past, old job colleagues and far away family members I have not seen in years, along with my new writing friends I have made online, and my close personal friends who are always encouraging. It warmed my heart and reminded me that our lives touch many people, and we may not even be aware that they still care and are happy to see us happy. Thank you friends, both old and new!

Look! I'm a Featured Post!

For a short update, I am now a true freelance writer, providing blog posts and articles for three regular clients. Two sites want 1 new blog post each week and the third wants just 1 new blog post a month. They all pay different amounts according to their budget. All are low, but helpful anyway.

Getting paid for arranging and re-arranging words is really kind of odd, isn't it? I showed Hubs 2 pieces I had written and pointed out that the shortest, simplest one gained me the highest pay. Exactly $15.00 more than the other more complicated and longer one! Makes little sense if you look at writing in a money kind of way. But a freelancer must. Pennies per word can be an excruciating way to write, but there it is. 

My solution is that I am determined to write as well and as carefully for the lowest paying job as I do for the highest. Not to say I haven't been tempted to give less to the one that will bring me less. I've had moments when the thought slides in.....
"That will do, they aren't paying much anyway." 

But the thought is not allowed to stay long enough to take root. I know that my words are "out there" forever and I do not want to regret sloppiness or fall into a careless attitude with my writing. We are always learning and improving in our jobs, so a look back at old pieces we have written should give us a little bit of a cringe-factor, but not regret. You learn as you go. As long as you keep going forward. 

So far, I think that my most valuable and pay-worthy words are right here on this blog, the place that pays me nothing. Nothing in monetary value, that is. The friendships and community here have added much more to my life than I had ever imagined when starting out. I still long to write words that will impart and reveal the sheer vastness of God's love for people. I want to change lives by arranging words that paint a picture of Him that is clear and real. Real enough to believe and clear enough to grab onto. 

Freelancing may be a way to bring in a bit of income so that I am able to do the kind of writing I really want do. 

I know several other freelance writers who are juggling many more clients than my little collection of three. I am just beginning and I am glad it is coming to me slowly, so I am not overwhelmed with the logistics and organization this requires. Each client has different instructions on word-count, tone, graphics, links and due dates, let alone totally different subjects. I can't imagine handling dozens while still learning how to keep track of it all!

Every day I read the writing-job boards and I probably send out applications about 3 or 4 times a week. Most do not reply back, but the 3 jobs I have now were all from responding to job boards so I keep at it. My favorite is Write Jobs. The listings are clear and easy to skip over when the subject does not interest me or I am unqualified. I simply scan it each morning and go from there.

If you LIKE Write-Jobs on Facebook you will be notified of every new job listing, like this.....Cool, huh?

Thanks for reading me and encouraging me. You guys are awesome! No, really, you are!

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  1. thanks for providing the link to write jobs. do you have any additional resources - you can email me offline if you wish


    1. Hi Nylse, another great resource is

  2. You're welcome. That's what writers do. Thank you for posting a link to a job board. I will spend some time looking it over.

    1. Yes, I find that writers are a very generous and encouraging group! There is room for everyone and so many styles that we can all help one another along.

  3. You're one of my most favorite writers ever! Honestly! I am so proud of you and I know that God is blessing your efforts in a very positive way. I DO hope you will still have time for The Recovering Church Lady, however...she's a special friend of mine. :)
    Seriously, I give thanks to God for His provision for you at this time in your life. When you become rich and famous I can always say, "I knew you when..." LOL! :)

    1. Thanks so much dear Pam. "Rich and famous" yeah right! Not gonna happen, but all I want is to be able to feel free to write and make more great friends like you!

  4. Good for you Susie on your new ventures--and well done article on letter writing!

  5. Your awesomeness continues to inspire! Wish I could make some money from home, so my hubs could keep his hair...;)


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