Monday, July 29, 2013

Layla the Almond Harvester

This almond tree provides us with an abundance of wonderful almonds every year.
Layla loves them. Sadly she has an ugly skin allergy to them, 

so I have been trying to get to them before she does, 
but they are falling with every breeze now.

She is pretty good at fetching a ball or toy.....

...when rewarded with a treat. So that gave me a great idea that
seems to be working!

Layla will now bring me nuts when I ask for them!

She keeps bringing them to me..

..and then asking for her reward.

But sometimes she decides the yummy almond is better than the treat.
(And sometimes it is, yesterday's treat was bread squares.) 

Look at that face!

After a busy afternoon of almond harvesting!
For a more detailed version of this scintillating story go to The Pet Supply Company Blog!

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  1. Love it! Dogs are such great companions and when well treated and loved by their owners, their sweet characters are revealed. I have, at present, an English Cocker Spaniel, but have had a variety of dogs in my life time, including Labradors and a Yorkshire Terrier. All have been lovable and endearing characters.

    1. I love cockers! Layla is a Lab Spaniel Mix so she is a Spanador! Sounds much better than calling her a Labracock. Ha!

  2. Tell me she's not climbing the tree for them!

    1. We call her a goat-dog! Actually she is trying to get up high so she can see over the fence. Ha!

  3. What a good doggy!!! It's good to see how she is maturing into such a helpful assistant!! She has obviously had a very good teacher! I'm proud of both of you!!!

    1. She is doing so much better now! Still very stubborn when she is crazed by dogs outside the window but she is settling down pretty well.

  4. Oh sweet, smart Layla. Good girl. Don't settle for bread, darling. Make her give you yummy snausages. ;)


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