Sunday, July 14, 2013

Leave Cream Cheese Alone!

Any minute now I am going to get a phone call from the Hubs at work. This morning as he packed his lunch, he mentioned that the cheese seemed softer than usual. I was in the other room and had no idea what he meant.

Just now I pulled out the cream cheese to have a tomato/cream cheese on bagel and THIS STUFF IS HORRIBLE! He accidentally threw a FAT FREE version in our shopping cart and he's going to hate it. Simply HATE it. The fat free is super soft and super yucky tasting. I did not even finish mine.

Poor guy. He works late tonight and that is his only meal. Oy vey!

PS - So he did not even notice or care. Just when you think you know someone! But he only used half of the fat free stuff and the rest was fat-full. 

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  1. OH I do agree...fat free is also taste/texture free...yucky stuff. Sometimes it's just better to have the real thing even if it does add a few extra calories...can't stand fat free mayonnaise, sour cream, or anything else that takes the good flavor out.
    I'll bet Hubs pays more attention to what he's buying from now on! :)

  2. Susie: This is interesting.I was on fat free-low sugar diet a few years ago. A friend of mine told a group of us that the companies take out either the fat or the sugar and add the other to make it taste better. I got used to the fat free stuff, for a while.

  3. I am so lucky that I love mst fat- free products. It is sugar-free that gives me the heebie jeebies. Sugar is a gift from God, I refuse to believe otherwise.

  4. Love this. You hated it, he didn't notice it. Exactly the way Beve and I work. He'll put just about anything in his mouth and (OF COURSE!!!) never gains a pound. Sigh.


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