Monday, July 15, 2013

My Pretties

1940 Ford

This page is full of something that makes me go...."I want, I want, I want!" Didn't know that about me did you? There really is no logical rhyme or reason for it, but I have always loved trucks, especially old beauties like these! 

I have a writer friend who fills up my Facebook Feed!! with photos of the old cars she adores. Yes, I mean you T.J. They all look the same to me, but I GET it. I understand the appeal of a particular design or era of vehicles. 
1947 Ford Flathead

1947 International
These photos have all been slowly added over the years to a file on my laptop titled "Pretties". I love the soft curves of these old trucks. I love the funky shape of the front grill and the cool bar down the center of the front window. I know, weird huh? 

When I was a young woman and mom, I thought it would be so cool to tool around town in one of these cuties. But they were not practical or cheap enough for a family of four. A mini van would have to do. 

We had a truck for a few years when we lived in the country. Loved driving it, but it was newish and ugly.  

This is how a truck should look!
1948 International Harvester
Oh my goodness!

I am thinking of adding these pictures to my Pinterest board called "My Wish List". Christmas is only a few (Five!) months away. But Kids: it has to have A/C, Heat and be an Automatic....could complicate things bit. 

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  1. I'm all toddler grabby hands! Oh my GOSH - want want want - mineminemine!

    I ADORE antique trucks. My great grandpa, who came over from Germany, had a love affair for forty years with his '48 International. He'd zoom around Montana, and eventually Alaska, in that truck - taking me for rides and letting me happily yell out the windows. He'd talk to me in German, laughing at my antics, and telling my mother to let me be a kid. I have the best memories in that '48.

    Oh, you just made my day :)

    1. Ha! That is so cool! I'm so glad it brought back such wonderful memories!!

  2. There is something missing in the cars of today.
    Nothing touches these old trucks in terms of craftsmen ship.

    Lisa x

    1. So true. The solid feel is completely different isn't it? No plastic!!

  3. I LOVE old trucks too! Would love to have one like any of the above pictures...fully restored, of course!!! What fun! Thanks for sharing with us today. Just another one of those things we have in common!!!

  4. I'm not much of a car-luster, but I do love a 60's era Mustang. I think it's the only car I've ever told my husband I want.

  5. Shared this w/my father-in-law on Facebook... he loves older cars & trucks :D


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