Dawn usually hosts the Random Journal Day Link-up (Which I invented, but she is the kind of blogger who loves to come along side someone and help them with their ideas. Thnx Dawn!) but while she is out of town this week I get to do it!

RJD is super simple: Grab an old journal and use the scribbles or drawings you find inside to inspire a blog post. Then come back here and add your post to the LINK-UP so others will come by and visit your blog. So here is mine…..taken from one of the blogs I kept while my 2 sons were little and we were trying to teach them respect.

“Sometimes a mommy just cannot win!

We’ve been trying to teach the boys to come to Mom or Dad when they need something. Not to sit in one place and holler over and over again “MOMMY!” until I stop what I am doing and go running to them.
I just automatically go to them. Curt has been stopping me and making the boys come to me.

The other day I was washing dishes (no dishwasher) and (Rocker Son) called me from his bedroom. This time I remembered and called out for him to come to me. He came, pulling his t-shirt way down to cover his naked bottom! He was needing some clean underwear!”

Rocker Son is a grown-up now and since recently moving back home temporarily he knows how to do his own laundry so there will be no such sightings.