Friday, August 30, 2013

A Quiet Humming

Oh happy days are coming! My empty nest has had a returned bird-son for the last few months and in a few days the other will be here with his wife for a week! Full and over-flowing nest. I am having a hard time even concentrating enough to write this post, let alone write for my clients. But this post will be created, and my writing jobs will not miss the due dates. 

Okay I feel better now. Time to write...


A corner has been turned in recent days.
Feels fragile but strong,
surface but deep.

A quiet humming inside.
My spirit and His,
we are communing.

The inward search is awake
after a season of denial.
Playing with being cynical and "just the facts".

Not trusting it to be real.
Talking back to "inspirational" quotes.
Stepping away from the miraculous.

But the heart is hungry, unsatisfied.
There must be more.
True reality is unseen, unmanufactured.

The "more" is so close,
right here in my breath.
HE is so close, right here.

Now I am looking inward
without agenda, not for a Bible class,
just for me and for HIM.

A quiet 
and delicious
humming inside.

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  1. mmmm sweetness. I understand these words, my friend . But that wild woman dancing!! lol Enjoy...

  2. Oh my dear Recovering Church Lady...I do so love to see you dancing with such wild abandon! LOL!!! Yes, Jesus loves to abide deep inside, in the humming and in the quiet places of your well as in the whooping and hollering and dancing for joy places. Enjoy your full nest...that's something to shout about.

  3. Susie: It's good to see you are so happy. May God continue to bless you. Have a nice weekend.

  4. I love the new banner/header!! Beautimous.

    Just going back and reading some missed posts. Catching know. Glad to hear about your sons, and I know that makes you do the Liz Lemon dance!

    M.L. Swift, Writer


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