Sunday, August 4, 2013

And Then God Said "Lol"

I seldom need to make an appointment to talk to my husband. We live together and the conversation happens all day at random intervals depending on our tasks and modes of relaxation. We will read funny or powerful sections of books or websites to one another and we talk about whatever television show or movie we may be enjoying in the evenings. Or we sit outside at night and talk about kids, the stars, jobs, people at work and of course, the dog and her silliness. Even on his work days we talk on the phone during his breaks and lunch/dinner breaks. 

If I was only allowed to talked to my husband once a week, I might put together a list of things I want to tell him or show him. But that is not how our relationship works. We live together and walk through all of our life experiences at the same time. So it makes more sense to just tell him stuff as it happens rather than saving up a list. Right?

The other day I saw a depressed sounding status pop up on my Facebook Feed and I automatically whispered, "Oh God, be close to her right now. What can I say that would help her today?" Then my fingers tapped away a short response to the status. Kind of an "Hey you're not alone..." kind of thing. No preaching or verses that fit the circumstance. Just a little "Hey...". And I went on to the rest of my Facebook wanderings. 

This is how I pray. Because God and I have a relationship, a friendship that involves my whole life. I do not make an appointment or read from a list when I want to talk to Him about stuff. I just do it. As it happens. Like I do with my husband. We live life together, so the conversation happens when it happens. 

My conversations with God could be called prayer, but it is seldom a written list or reminders of things to talk about, you know? He probably watches over my shoulder while I write in my journals and blogs. That keeps him pretty up to date on my happenings I suppose. I have found myself deleting whole sentences in my blog when I "hear" or feel Him quietly clearing His throat. Yes, that has happened more than once.  :)

We read Facebook together and He helps me to keep scrolling when I would rather "set someone straight" about an issue. I think that God likes social media as a great bridge between people. Facebook and other hubs of internet interaction have the awful potential to seriously damage an individual or group, but the ability to help and assist others far outweighs the bad, I believe. 

Sometimes the only comment I will leave someone on Facebook is a little red heart. It usually means that I have just prayed for them or will continue to pray for them that day. I made a promise to myself that I would never leave a comment saying I would pray for someone unless I could do it right then and there. And then I do it. Simple as that. Prayer does not require weeping and wailing and bruised knees. It is conversation with God. Even when there are no words...only a sigh or an "Oh God" will do. 

If I ever did choose to create a prayer list, I suppose it's right here in front of me Facebook and blog friends whose faces I see every day. 

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  1. And this is one of the many reasons why I love you, my friend. Great post! Is it amazing that He unites His own. Whether Facebook, church, text, fellowship in real life...He is faithful. I love this...sharing!

  2. I can so relate. I don't have specific times that I decide to talk to God, either--we speak often. When I hear the sirens for the volunteer firemen, I usually just pray 'Have mercy, Lord'. I pray for my FB and bloggy friends a lot. It may not be 'by the book' prayer but it has worked for me for years :)

  3. Great post and I like your little red heart idea better than just clicking on "like."

  4. Lovely. I do the same thing, pray for people right then and there. But I also try to take the time to write down their names and needs in my little intercessory notebook. Yes, it is good hat we have a running conversation with God throughout the day. I am going to praise Him the whole day today because "thanksgiving" precedes a miracle. I need a miracle for my mom. Will you praise God for my miracle with me? Patsy from

  5. I see self care and self love as a form of prayer. I mean we were given all that makes us unique to care for during this life span. Staying healthy and strong, educating your self and not abusing your self are all powerful messages to the Divine that we appreciate what we have been given. Lisa x

  6. Yes, this is so cool...and just the way I think God likes it...prayers on the run and as needed...words of comfort and encouragement here and there, honest thoughts and whispers of "Dear God, please help..." I can so relate to this, and to the conversations with your hubs. Sounds so familiar. It's really a comfortable, sweet kind of communication. Thank you for sharing this with us and pointing out these thoughts that express so much of what I feel as well. <3 (little red heart) to you today.

  7. You wrote that for me! Okay, I know you didn't but you could have done! I could not have written it myself, well, not so eloquently, and so I thank you for putting into print, so succinctly, my random and jumbled thoughts on this matter :)

  8. This is how I operate too Susie! Always conversing throughout the day - and stopping to pray rather than saying I will. The woman who organizes the writer's conference I attend in Philly is always lapsing into prayer mid of the other writers joked that it took him 2 years to realize that her pet name for him wasn't "Father" LOL. Thanks for a great post! And BTW - Pam M tells me I should ask you why my post "Gorillas & Mules & Fools - Oh my" about fighting the urge to say something I shouldn't was timely for her...she said it involved an "LOL"??

    1. Hi Toni, its nice to meet you! I just read your great blog post mentioned here and it goes so well with this post of mine. I am sure that is what Pam meant. I love it when we find ourselves saying the same thing but in different ways without comparing notes. means God is getting a message out huh?

  9. Hi Susie! I am so happy that I am on your prayer list! And that constant, casual prayer with Jesus is so lovely. I'm trying to be more in tune with the gifts of moments in my day, and thanking him. That's a prayer too.

    I hope we continue to grow with him, in prayer!
    PS Hope your friend will be ok.


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