Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm Not a School Mommy or a Teacher Anymore, But I Used to Be

Hey You Amazing Friends who read me...Thank you for the wonderfully supportive comments on yesterday's post. My negative thoughts and feelings were making me believe that I had no right to write to you at all. Who am I to think I could be an inspiration to anyone when I am so messed up? ...Well, that question needed to be answered by defying it. If believers cannot be honest about their scary moments of unbelief, then our words of belief are worthless. Make sense? It does to me. 


We are nearing Back-To-School days and in celebration of this "most wonderful time of the year" I'd like to share two new articles I wrote for the parenting website Humpty Dumpty Parent. Enjoy and share them, ok? Thanks!

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  1. I hope you never feel defeated in your writing Susie. I love how you are so willing to be a conduit of messages and write from your heart.

  2. We bloggers can all be a support group for each other. I am glad you are feeling the love!

  3. Hey Susie! Well, if we can't be honest, there is no use in blogging. What for? It's so much better to be able to speak what you feel, and the bloggers that matter will be there for you.

    I am so glad you felt supported. We need you to keep recovering, which means it's a work in progress, BTW.

    Love to see you, girl.

  4. So glad to see you are back to your "old self"! :) We all have those kinds of are not alone. When I disappear from the writing screen for a while it is usually because I don't think I have anything worthwhile to offer...or I am just too tired to care, or too busy...I often see the clever things that others write and I feel so out of touch and fear that I am lagging behind. But then I remember that this is not a is a place to be honest and open and real. IT seems as thought there is always someone out there who happens to need whatever it is we say. Even when we are hurting or frustrated. So,carry on! You are loved in the good, the bad, AND the ugly! (although I've never seen anything ugly or bad about you). :)

  5. Glad you are back on track Suzie. Bad, sad days. We all have them xxx

  6. Thanks for sharing the thoughts. You are in an ideal place to bridge the gap between what could be two solitudes — two solitudes which might not work well together for the sake of children.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)


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