Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Is It A Glitter Day?

Have you ever tried to clean up a glitter mess? It's tiny and sparkly and seems to travel on its own. I was scrubbing at a mixture of glitter and glue on a craft table the morning after leading a Kid's Club in the back room of our small church.. The more I scraped at the twinkling mess, the more it spread. 

Two of our ministry school students came into the room and asked what I was doing. Karen and Diane were part of the founding class of our new ministry school that met in the same rooms 4 mornings a week. I told them about the lesson I had taught the night before to a handful of squirmy little girls, about how much God loved them. 

I'd bought some oval shaped mat-board frames with a velvety covering on them and asked the kids to decorate the edges with glitter, sequins and bits of yarn to make it look like a fancy mirror. In the center of the "mirror" I had them write, 

"How beautiful you are, My Beloved.
Love, God" 

The words were from the Bible passage in Song of Solomon 4.  Karen immediately said, "Oh, could WE do glitter stuff? That sounds fun!" I shook my head in the negative and said that I doubted it. (Note to Karen: I just looked this up in my journal and you will enjoy this...I wrote "Karen often suggests unusual ideas." Haha! Little did we know how UNUSUAL things would get huh?)

I said nothing about it to Hubs and we began school with a sweet worship time, him on the guitar and Tammy on the piano in our little cinder block church sanctuary. 

During the break before the teaching time, he came to me and said, "What could we do to play? It seems like we need to have some fun today."

I said, "GLITTER!"
He said, "Go for it!"

So the tables came back out. Glitter, glue and yarn were once again distributed, along with plain frames that were soon transformed into gorgeous "mirrors" declaring the perfect love of God for each one of us! 

Another student removed my praise tape and replaced it with a Veggie Tales music tape and a room full of college age grown-ups had a blast being silly, creative and the Beloved of God.

Last night I dreamed about that impromptu day of the ministry school. It seems that we need to be constantly reminding ourselves and one another that we are The Beloved. The simple truth of being loved by God may be simple; but it is not small or insignificant in the eyes of The Father. 

It changes everything. 

Especially when we realize that we are all the Beloved of God. ALL. God loved us BEFORE we knew or loved Him. So....He loves those who do not know Him now or love Him now. 

We are all, the Beloved of God.

"How beautiful you are, My Beloved."

God looks and sees beauty. Where we see sin, He sees beauty. Where we see ugliness, He sees beauty. Where we look away, He never flickers with hesitation or disgust. Those are OUR reactions, not His. Because He loves.

You are beautiful. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

He is the Beholder.

So grab some glitter, my friend. You are worth being sparkly. 

You are beautiful and beloved. 

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  1. Hi Susie! You have given me a great idea! I love the message of love and I love shiny things. What a great combo! Bless your husband for his encouragement :)

    Blessings to you!

    1. Thanks for coming by Ceil. We had a fun time getting that school started with no clue what we were doing. Just listening for God's special little inspirations like this one.

  2. Oh this is lovely, not only for the meaning but how you played with the college students, proving we are never too old to actively and creatively engage with God's lessons.

    On a glitter note-- whenever I taught children's church or Sunday School and we used glitter, I inevitably ended up with a little bit of it stuck to my cheek somewhere. There's probably a great metaphor about God's glitter sticking to us in that, somewhere. :)

  3. That sounds like an awesome time. Adults of all ages are way too serious much of the time. :)

  4. Wonderful, Susie!

    I work with the K-5 kids singing in the mornings and we usually sing something for the church every two months. I'll have to keep glitter in mind for next time!

    And I'll invite our youth (teens)! Thanks for this eye-catching suggestion.

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  5. I wish I could've gone to your school. Sounds like it was so much fun. I love this message , btw. Something we all need to be reminded of from time to time. And glitter! Oh yes! a little glows a long way... :)

  6. What a beautiful (and sparkly) message! I love that you all were dancing and doing stuff with glitter. I teach 5th graders at church and I am always reminding them how beautiful and precious they are. Sometimes we grown ups need to hear that message too. Thank you for the encouraging message!


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