Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Almonds - From Bloom to Bowl

Through February and March our single almond tree blooms beautifully
and the bees come do their pollinating job.

And I work hard too. 

In June and July the hulls begin to slip open and we know that it will 
not be long until it is raining almonds. 

At this point many professional almond orchards sweep around the floor of the
orchard and bring in a "tree-shaker" machine that gives the almonds a little help
letting go of their branches.

In July and August the wind and the birds help our almonds thump to the ground.
It is at this point where Layla and I have a race to see who can grab them first.

I open them and easily pop the nut out of the soft outer hull.

The nuts are kind of moist and must be dried in the sun in a single layer...

..for a few weeks until I am sure they are fully dried.

Last year I set the trays out in the backyard on a table. 
The birds were very grateful.

In September they are nice and dry.

Now it's time to shell them. 

Layla is surprisingly good as she watches the process, hoping I will let her have her favorite
snack. But she is allergic and the nuts she gets from the backyard on her own
are quite enough. 

Still don't have a decent nut cracker!

I love them raw and munch on them by the handful.

I have a tendency to eat the almonds before this point.
But this step is covering them with a bit of oil and salt...

..and roasting them in the oven for 20 minutes at 325 degrees,
turning every 5 minutes.

The aroma is wonderful and the flavor changes into something
deeper, richer and even yummier! 

Thank you almond tree. I love this healthy treat...
from bloom to bowl. 

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  1. Oh my!!! You do have a lot of almonds!! And the blossoms are gorgeous! I had no idea! Glad you are able to enjoy them...they look delicious the way you have roasted them. Makes me want some right now! Delightful post! Thank you for sharing your bounty with us! :)

    1. You are welcome, it was fun to put together!....And to eat!

  2. Thank You for sharing your almonds,very nicely done!!! Almonds are so healthy and delicious. I bet they make lovely gifts at Christmas time.

    1. Yes, they WOULD be great Christmas gifts...but I ate too many and only ended up with one cookie sheet of nuts!! Oh well, sorry friends. :)

  3. Oh just drooling and envious. What a harvest! Fun post. :)

    1. It was fun, but don't drool, you are too pretty for that.

  4. why haven't you sent me a bunch? hmm? hmmm? waiting. Tap, tap, tap,,,still waiting...

    1. Gonna be a long wait I'm afraid. I now have about 1 cup left and they are going fast.

  5. Yum! Jealous! And I like the nut cracker. We have a fancy one but I'd much rather use a hammer. I really enjoy smashing things ... not that I have rage issues or anything ;)

    1. Ok now you're sounding kind of scary dear Caitlin. You mean that knitting does not give you the release you need?

  6. Wow, What a wonderful post. So informative, I knew nothing about any of that and i eat almonds every day. Glad to see you were flat out working during the process. Wow. I wonder if we have the climate for that here.

  7. I"m afraid I've broken the 10th commandment as I've read this post. Severely coveting your almond tree, your raw almonds and the salted, baked ones. One of my favorite things. I could eat them until I'm sick. You are indeed blessed.

  8. I love almonds, and also like them raw. I prefer them without salt. I have to say, though, I don't know how far I'd get doing all that work. We had a bowl of pecans here that never got cracked. . .

  9. I'm with Lisa and jeskmom--didn't know much about almonds and coveting them along the whole process!


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