Monday, October 28, 2013

Out of Limbo-land

We have a plan at last!
Looking like the letter "L" in hubby's size 12 boots. 

We are moving to Texas in spring 2014! To honor this momentous decision, I dug into the back of my closet and put on the only "western" shirt I have and jumped into a pair of my husband's huge cowboy boots and did a little posing for him. He graciously took some pictures for me, and one for himself that I did not know about....because I was facing the OTHER direction. Ahem. 

How do I feel about this new plan for our lives?

Colbert expresses it perfectly.

It has been a veeery long 3 years since we lost our jobs here, and the sense of confusion, loss and limbo have been tough. You have read the crazy ups and downs, complainings and rejoicings along the way as I have blogged my way through this time of transition. Thank you for the encouraging words and reminders to see God's hand in each day. 

If someone had suggested a year ago that we leave our beloved California and move to Texas, my answer would have been a strongly stated "No way!". And to be truthful, the idea was suggested and that was the answer given. I am a Cali girl, born in San Francisco and lived in Northern California for all of my 58 years. I love the redwoods, the ocean and the perfect weather. I also love the open attitude and relaxed personality that California exudes, for the most part. 

But OH MY GOODNESS, I am SO ready to start over in a new place! Beautiful Cali is killing us financially and we want to be near our married son and daughter-in-law. Two very important reasons to make this huge change. We hope to live in a town near Writer Son and the delightful Sassy Bride! YAY!!

How in the world did I get from "No way!" to dancing a jig of happiness and "Let's do this!"? Maybe you recall a post at the end of August called "Conversation Under the Stars". (Several of the comments mentioned the idea that a change may be around the corner. You knew more than I did.)  I wrote about how the Hubs and I had both been praying in the spirit for a few days and had no idea why. For a translation from the underlined christianese to english, click the words. 

About 7 weeks ago we had another backyard chat that began with the Hubs saying, "I've been thinking." I love those! He said that maybe we should seriously consider moving to Texas to be near the kids next year. 

Here is where the miracle happened....I jumped at the idea! I said a clear and definite YES! In fact it may have scared him a bit. But I was thrilled and excited and immediately happy at the idea. By the next morning there were lists being scribbled and online searches for homes had begun. Ha! Poor man. He convinced me to slow down and begin by concentrating on getting rid of our accumulated treasures stuff from 35 years of marriage and 18 years in this house.

Several weeks later I did some dot-connecting. I realized that the conversation under the stars happened just a few days before the big decision. I believe there is a direct connection between the two happenings. When we pray in the spirit, we are praying without confusion or human agenda. It is true "Your will be done" kind of praying. I think that the last stubborn obstacles in me were removed, and the strength to decide were added to him as we prayed. Holy Spirit did some major re-arranging inside each of us and the result is pure joy. CRAZY!!

I am still going to leave us a backdoor though. I am not saying that God told us to move to Texas. It feels right. It seems to make sense and also to make no sense at all (which sounds like God's way pretty often.) The true gift of this experience is that we have been jolted out of our season of limbo and blankness. Texas may be the landing place for us. It could be somewhere else, but we know we have to move, and we are doing all we can to be ready to do that when the time is right. I believe that God is in this change of attitude and action.

Woo-hoo! Let's do this thing!! 

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  1. I LOVE this, because my heart has felt for some time that God was going to stir you up to take a big step of faith... you just had to wait for HIS timing, which is always perfect! I am so excited for you. I know it will be a major change for you, but God will help you to see the new horizon through HIS eyes...and He will give you the love you need for all the different things you will discover. Just being near your kids is the biggest thing to love...and everything else will fall into place because you will be happy together! Praying also for your "rocker son" he going with you? May God be with you all in this transition. He doeth all things well...

    1. Thanks Pam. Rocker Son has other plans that he is excited about. Leaving him is the hardest part.

  2. Wowsa. Getting closer to me all the time. Teehee. You're almost EAST. lol! So exciting. YIKES- new address, selling etc. Moving, packing...oh, my I am exhausted and excited for you.

    1. Yep inching closer to you! Ha! I am exhausted too!

  3. I love it ! Spontaneous! Beautiful. Living with faith. I wish you all the best Susie x

  4. Yay-- so glad you're excited about this new chapter in your life. I love moving!

  5. Awesome blog! I left my heart in California six years ago and moved to Albuquerque (Albuquerque!!!) and have only had one or two days that I've regretted being here. There have been ups and downs, days when I've been ready to hop a plane back, but honestly, this southwest stuff is pretty awesome.
    And yes, I'm obsessed with cowboy boots these days!

  6. Best of luck to you and your hubby on this new adventure!

  7. I love that God moved you from "NO WAY" to "Absolutely!" before you took a single step. We so often think His will is hard, that He'll work against our will, when your story shows (again!!!) that He loves us and wants us to embrace what He calls us to, rather than rebel against it. I look forward to seeing what He does along the way--in the prep, in the move, and once you get there.

  8. PS. Maybe the L you're making stands for LOVE--your love for your kids, your hubby, but overarchingly, HIS great love for YOU in this move.

  9. 1) I absolutely hate moving and it makes me cringe thinking of all the big and little things you'll have to do and remember and pack and... To move cross-country!
    2) Texas is awesome. Unless the ocean is really that important to you, you will live Texas!

  10. God has taken you through a very trying time. He has been good to you. This could be something He had in store for you for a while. Go with God.

  11. I love all the animated goodies you posted here for us! Every time I look at the Seinfeld one I just start smiling and laughing!! I have felt that kind of joy, and done my own version of that dance, a few times in my life! :)
    It's so good to see you so happy about a new chapter in your life!


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