Sunday, November 10, 2013

There Is No Velvet Rope

Happy Sunday Morning!

Today's post will be short and sweet. I am following an urge and we will see where it leads us. 

Have you ever talked back to movie characters? You know you do. "Don't go outside to see what the noise is, you idiot!"...."Just tell the guy you really love him already!"... Or "Okay tell us who is being eliminated, right now!" 

I often wanted to talk back to the desperate people in old movies who decided to talk to God about their situation. I remember an old western where an elderly man gets down on his knees and opens his prayer with these words,

 "Dear God, Henry Johnson here. I'm not a church goer and it's been a long time since we talked, but..."

Variations of that apologetic and introductory prayer have been repeated in many movies and books. Even sweet, good-hearted George Bailey felt the need to provide a forward to his prayer......

My urging this morning is to remind you that with God there is no velvet rope. He is not out of our reach. Ignoring God for 20 years or for 2 days will not change our access to Him. He is not waiting behind a "DO NOT ENTER" sign until we get ourselves prettied up for Him. 

God is not a museum display. There are no "DO NOT TOUCH" or "TAKE A TICKET" signs around His presence. The velvet rope is on the ground. We can step over it now. He disconnected it because He wants us close to Him. God likes our voices, our tears and our laughter. He enjoys us....and not in a condescending got-to-put-up-with-these-people kind of way. 


Forgiveness for whatever is already given. You do not have to do anything but accept it. Too simple? Yep, it is too simple. We want to make penance and feel we DESERVE His attention. But the velvet rope is down. He already did what needed to be done to give us access to Him. It is done. 

He knows your name, your laugh and your quirks. Go ahead and talk to Him, He is listening .....with a smile on His face. 


I am honored to be included in a special Thanksgiving Daily theme over at 5 Minutes for Faith today! 

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  1. I like you following your urge. It was good imagery, no long line, no velvet rope, and no ticket needed. :)

    1. Thank you so much Peter. After seeing your comment I went to you latest post and was very inspired about writing!

  2. "He enjoys us....and not in a condescending got-to-put-up-with-these-people kind of way. "

    love it...

  3. Oh this is beautiful, Susie! I love this thought and would love to shout it from the housetops! Our God is always accessible, 24/7 forever and ever! He doesn't care who we are, where we've been, or what we've done...His arms are always wide open and his ears are attentive to every cry! Thank you for reminding us all of this great truth today!

    1. Hi Pam! You are welcome for the little reminder. Love you!

  4. Oh I love the velvet rope visual. Very very good!

  5. I love the image of the velvet rope. But there is a red carpet waiting for us.

  6. Such and interesting post.
    I never stop to think that God doesn't know me or my situation.
    Even my thoughts.
    I feel I (we) am an open book to the Divine source as it is to me.
    I always feel safe and never completely alone.

  7. Funny ! I was on your blog at the same time you were on mine ! Synchronicity. Special x

  8. The Prelude to a Prayer...more for the person than for God. It's a way of lessening their guilt...opening that door...taking down that velvet rope (loved the analogy) that isn't even there. But in their minds, it is. Wonderful post!

    M.L. Swift, Writer


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