Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why I am Blogging Less

Hi Friends, My freelance writing is keeping me busy, too busy to post a blog here as often as I used to. I am also trying to add to my WIP every day this month until I have a proper manuscript to edit and then send out. I'm doing the writing life that I wanted and it's not as fun as I fantasized about, but hey, it's happening. Kinda. 

So my Dears, my RCL readers who are always encouraging and inspiring, here's where I've been...

What If I'm Not Thankful this Thanksgiving? - Blogging once a week for Humpty Dumpty

Life With Layla - If Dogs Could Talk - Blogging twice a week for The Pet Supply Company

Mister Spunky and his friends -  Blogging once a month for Mister Spunky & Friends

Thankful For The Love Of My Life - Once a month Contributing Writer for 5 Minutes for

In between these assignments I am applying for more writing jobs and of course feeding my critical Facebook addiction. It's a disease, not my fault I tell you. It is also where I have fun with friends, family I am justifying myself.....time to say good-bye and hit Publish, right? 

Love you, thanks for reading...and commenting! (If you were to read me on my assigned websites and commented there, it would give me mucho pleasure too!)

Hit Publish, sooz, you are starting to beg...not good at all.

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  1. I have been neglecting my online duties as well. Life-- family, work and writing obligations have taken a front seat. I opened Bloglovin' today to catch up on my reading and had 196 posts waiting for me. I won't get through them all, but I'll scratch at a few. I love reading my friends' posts.Happy writing (and hey, watch out for those aimless writing threads on Facebook-- I'm quite sure I NEVER participate in those! ;) )

  2. But you're doing what you dreamed of and that is inspirational. Miss you but keep writing!!!!

  3. I'm glad you are able to live your dream. Just remember to come here when you have a spare moment or two.

  4. I just came looking for you because I was missing my daily dose of Susie. But I totally understand and am proud of you and your new adventures in writing. I've been a bit behind schedule lately as well. Busy at work, busy at life, and brain fogged when I try to write. It comes and goes. Thank you for this update...Just don't get too far away. You are a great source of inspiration for me!

  5. Glad to know how well your career is moving along!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  6. Seems like we're all busy with writing projects other than our blogs. Way to go, Sooz.

  7. Love hearing about your adventures in writing! Way to go, Susie!


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