Sunday, December 15, 2013

God is Fine with Hair Fluffing

Rocker Son

I reached back to fluff my hair because I had been leaning my head back against a wall and I did not like my hair to get flat back there. 

As soon as I did it, I talked to myself....and then God talked to me.

This memory has been popping back into my mind this last week and it just will not leave me you get to hear about it. 

The fluffing of my hair was immediately followed by a stern reprimand. I have fine, limp hair and spend a lot of time getting it to plump up, poof or curl so that it will not just lay there being boring. I know there is nothing wrong with fluffing. 

BUT, this particular fluffing took place WHILE I was praying! It was an early morning prayer time a few years ago and I was going to be around a lot of people following the prayer time. So I fluffed. And the very next thought and inner voice berated me strongly.

I scolded myself for being vain while I was supposed to be praying and I looked around to see if anyone had seen me fluffing. 

Then God said......First of all I want to warn you that God does talk to me. Some do not think He kept talking once the Bible was printed. They believe He said it all right there in black and white and we do not need to hear anything more. I disagree and I hope you will not click away and think that I am too big for my britches if I think that the God of the Universe would take the time to talk to little old me. Because, well, I am too big for some of my britches, but He still talks to me occasionally and it always makes a huge impact on my life. That is why I remember each time so clearly. 

So, on this particular morning He said to me,

"What if NOTHING you did was wrong?
Experiment with that thought a bit."


What if God looks at us like an adoring new parent? 

I have a lot of friends who are in the young parenting stage and my Facebook Feed is full of baby pictures and videos. These mommies and daddies are so proud of their babies....just for being born! The photos are celebrations of a one month old blob of baby in a cute outfit. The baby is drooling, burping or laughing and the mommy is enthralled! 

I watched one video of a newborn yesterday that was titled something along the lines of "Cute Breathing". The baby was sound asleep and we all got to watch and listen to her BREATH! Haha! Breathing! I kept watching in case something funny was going to happen at the end...nope, just breathing!

Can you play with the idea that God is just as entranced with you? That He is simply so in love with you that you can do no wrong? I KNOW! That is a crazy ridiculous thought. But experiment with it a bit. 

What if God's love for you is bigger than your mess-ups? What if He watched you fail at something and in His eyes it was just a baby burp? It was a bit of drool sliding down your chin? Is He going to yell at the attempt to take a few steps and become impatient when you land on your behind? 

Yes, we all need to mature beyond the baby steps. We grow and learn to control our burps. (Well, most of us do.) But I am convinced that God's love for us is bigger than our capacity to fail. And yes, that ability is huge. We can mess up on a grand scale...daily.

But God is bigger. His love for you, for me, for all of us is full of eternity's patience. He looks at us with adoring new-parent-eyes. We can do no wrong in His eyes. Look, she burped, isn't that the cutest thing?

Take that thought and play with it a bit, won't you?

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  1. Wonderful thoughts to consider.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ronda! I just visited your blog and I am now your newest subscriber. So fresh and encouraging! Is the photo at the top your home? beautiful!!

  3. I have such a hard time just saying that to myself and not adding a bunch of "yeah buts..." Wow. Great reminder.

    1. Yes, we are so good at adding the "Yeah buts".

  4. God loves us even when we mess up. Those, 'yeah, but' thoughts actually tell God that we know more than He does but we don't, now do we?

    1. Whew it really is a wonderful thing that He knows way more than we do isn't it?

  5. Wow! Was this ever thought provoking!? What a wonderful way to think about what God thinks about you and me! We are the apple of His eye...He says so in His Word somewhere...(I'll look it up in a minute). that means He thinks we are all pretty special. You just confirmed that thought! Made my day! He loves me, just the way I am! (But that doesn't mean He intends to leave us in the cute baby burp stage of life...He WILL help us to grow and mature in Him...but He'll still be loving us every step of the way! Burps, drools, and all!) Great post today my friend! Thank you.


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