Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sneak Peak

Hi Friends, today I am giving you another sneak peak at my current Work In Progress.(No title so far.) If you are in the mood for a longer than normal post, put on some nice music, get comfy and enjoy a bit of fantasy with God as the main character. Though maybe I should call it true-fantasy because it really happened.

At the beginning of November I told you that I would be concentrating on building the word-count of my short inspirational book in progress. I am now 77% done with a first draft and hope to complete it by the middle of December. A first draft is a messy gathering of all that I want in my book. Compiling and expanding former blog posts and articles written over the years. Finding and clarifying the common thread that will speak to readers and give them a glimpse of the ridiculous magnitude of God's love for them. 

In mid-January I will begin to edit and clean up the first draft and will go on from there to who knows where. I have no publishing deal or publishing plan at all. When I looked at that aspect too much, it caused me to freeze up and make very little progress on the book. So for now, I just write. 

A sneak peak of today's work...

"Have you ever seen a picture with your heart rather than your eyes? It is one of those ethereal experiences that include all of your senses. Aroma, texture, temperature and mood are almost more real than reality. The moment is more filled with substance than the floor beneath your feet or the people all around you. 

I was enjoying a sweet time of worship with my friends on a typical Sunday morning. We were gathered around the front platform of our church sanctuary and the band was playing a favorite song that included the words,

“Dance with me, oh Lover of my soul…”

I close my eyes and gently sway with the beautiful live music. The scene in my mind began with me dancing with Jesus. It is one of my favorite scenes to imagine during my times of worshiping Him. I love to “go there”, and this time it was delightful as we moved together with the soft music in the sanctuary.

But without warning the scene suddenly changes without me deciding to change it. I saw, felt, sensed and heard God the Father step up and tap Jesus on the shoulder and whisper,

“She’s mine.”

Now don’t write me off just yet. This may be hard to believe, I know. Please stay with me, because it gets so beautiful.

God took me in His great arms and leaned over me with a size I am struggling to describe for you. I felt so small, but so precious and cherished. I hope it does not mess up the picture, it will not do it justice, but the feeling and size reminded me of watching Beauty and the Beast in the animated movie when they had their glorious ballroom dance. He was so enthralled with Beauty and he leaned over her with such care and gentleness.

But even more impacting than His great bulk, were His eyes. In my heart-picture, the eyes of my Father God were liquid with mighty love for me. He simply could not take His eyes off of me. I was his protected prize. He was drinking me in and delighting in dancing with me!

I was totally comfortable with Him as we glided all over the ballroom of my heart. A daughter who is adored by her father has a grace and confidence that cannot be faked or learned. My Father God’s dance with me instilled a new sense of who I am. It was as if He was building up my inner strength and confidence as we swirled the room together. I am His daughter. His beloved daughter. He loves me completely and is proud to be dancing with me in His arms.

I cannot adequately describe this deep experience to you here with these puny words. When I got home that day I spent nearly an hour searching online for a picture of ballroom dancers that carried what I felt. No drawing or photo caught what I saw and experienced. But isn’t that the wonderful beauty of our own individual relationships with God? What I saw is all mine. What you see, feel and hear when alone or even in a crowd with God, is all yours.

A.W. Tozer said, “An infinite God can give all of Himself to each of His children. He does not distribute Himself so each may have a part, but to each one He gives all of himself as fully as if there were no other.”

I am God’s beloved daughter. You are God’s beloved child. Can you take some time to close your eyes and dance with Him as His dearly beloved child? His arms encircle you completely. God has surrounded you with Himself. He is your mighty protector and gentle benefactor. You sway together in a sweet slow dance that makes you feel safe and more secure than at any other moment in your life. Let Him hold you and convince you of His love. It is real. You may be imagining the dance, but you are not imagining his love for you. It is real. It is more real than the room you are in right now.

Dear Father, thank you for our dance. The memory still brings me a smile and a sigh of pleasure. I ask you today to share our dance with those who want to be held by you. Allow this dear reader to rest back into your powerful arms and know they are safe, safer than they have ever been. Thank you God. Thank you for the dance."

It is rough and at the beginning stages, but it is fun to share what I've been up to all along the way. Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a precious image and follow up quote by Tozer. When my daughter was struggling about god's love--her difficulty in feeling special was that He loved everybody. This is a lovely way to explain it.

    1. Oh I am so happy that Tozer's words will be helpful to your daughter, Marcia. Thanks for reading!

  2. I think this is really going to be an inspirational book that touches so many. So proud of you for pushing through and answering your calling.

    1. Thank you Julie. I have to admit that I am a little discouraged at the lack of comments here, making me wonder if this experience may seem too far out for people.

  3. Yup its a little far out there Sis. So what? Anything worth reading is a little far out there. Its a beautiful picture and an honest truth. Dont write for your readers pleasure write for your dance partners pleasure.

    1. Thanks David, exactly what I needed to hear. Love you!

  4. that was absolutely stunning! The pictures in my mind from your words so aptly written are beautiful and moving. I don't know why I didn't see this post earlier...but I needed it today! Interesting...I didn't know you were compiling this "book" until just now when I read this. The strange thing is, I was thinking of doing the EXACT same thing this morning...not knowing how to start, but organizing a plan in my mind. I hope you won't think I stole the idea from you. I believe it was a God thing that He has shared with both of us on opposite sides of the country...not the first time He has done that either...I can't wait to see what God helps you put together! Oh...the dancing with God is marvelous. Not far out there at all...I can feel it in my feet...

    1. Thanks Pam! Yes, my current project, when i am not writing blogs for clients, is putting together a short inspirational book. Plan to begin each chapter with an experience like this, all true. God spoke only about how much he loved me for many years. I finally "got it" and want to share the truth so others can catch it. Susie

    2. I can't wait to see your "short inspirational book". That's where I get hung up...the short part. As you know I am too verbose. I hope to learn from your experience with this. I'll be praying you through.

  5. Love that imagery- and the Tozer quote! That quote so well captures all you create in picture with your words. So glad you are forging ahead to completion! Can't wait to celebrate with you! Hugs!


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