Monday, March 24, 2014

So Who Is In My Bed?

So this happened the other night...I closed my laptop and decided it was time to go read in bed before falling asleep. I turned off all the house lamps, told Layla to get in her crate for the night and headed for the bedroom. I am usually the last in bed and I hoped that the light would still be on indicating that Hubs was awake and reading his book too. Sometimes he is already asleep and the reading will have to wait for another time. (Anyone who'd like to buy me an e-reader, please feel free to do so.) 

The light was off and so I did my usual routine of carefully tip-toeing around the bedroom preparing myself for bed. Being as quiet as a mouse I got changed and slipped between the sheets. 

Twenty minutes later I was jolted awake by the sound of the garage door banging open and a man's voice asking what was going on! 

Hubs was NOT in bed beside me. He had been in the garage while I was quietly tip-toeing around our bedroom! 


The mind is a funny thing. I had convinced myself that my husband was there in the dark right next to me. I KNEW it. I sensed that he was there and did not doubt it for a second. 

I am not a flakey person. If anything, I am so full of common sense that it bothers me and makes me wish I could be more whimsical and free-thinking. This may be why my closest friends over the years have always been more silly and extroverted than me. (Would not want to name names, but you know who you are, Joyce, Barb and Dawn.) I am drawn to fun people because I wish I could be more like them. (I called you whimsical...not be clear.)

But flakey or whimsical, I am not. I am fascinated with the tricks my mind can play on me though. This incident with the hubby in the bed...but not in the bed, is a prime example of how powerful our minds can be. My idea that the light was off because he had gone to sleep made perfect sense and I had no reason to double-check my belief at all.

Are there other ways that my mind has played tricks on me? My faith is an important part of who I am. Where do the mind-tricks and faith intersect in my life? Is my deep belief in God just another made-up idea that I have convinced myself to be true? 

I have the ability to talk myself into just about anything. A few years ago I was walking through my dark house at night and I walked right into a wall with full force. Face first. That wall had always been did not jump out at me...but it sure felt like it did in that instant. (No I am NOT flaky...really...ask anyone. Ask better not ask him.) BAM! Nearly cracked my glasses on that surprise wall. 

I can talk myself into a wall appearing from out of nowhere and a husband appearing in my bed beside me...but my experiences with God have been too real, too consistent, too BIG to call them a mind-game. 

In recent posts on this blog I have been exploring the word FAITH and what it means in daily life and daily belief. Faith is not based on fact. Faith requires some belief...some trust..some wondering. Otherwise it is not faith...there is no need for faith when the facts are right there in front of you. 

My faith in God is an on-going exploration. I am always learning more about Him and during that process I am learning more about myself. Knowing God is helping me know myself. I believe that He is okay with our questions, doubts and wonderings. God wants us to know Him for ourselves. Not the angry, hard-to-please, hater that current society (and some Christians) take so much glee in presenting to the world. 

I love that I do not know everything about God. Anyone who says they do, or acts like they just mistaken. I may not be full of whimsy or silliness, but I do love my ability to keep discovering God over and over again. My heart and mind will keep asking questions and wondering who He is and how big He is. I will not assume that I understand Him or His ways...

I will also not assume that my husband is there in the dark next to me...I may need to punch the darkness a bit...Hubby beware! 

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  1. Yikes! That noise would've scared me silly! Oh, and my trade off for somebody's snoring is no guilt over turning on my light to read. ;)

    1. It was more freaky than scary, because I realized my mistake as soon as I heard him. Just the idea that my mind had tricked me so well was very freaky.

  2. With you, I think God takes us pretty much as we are, questions, wonderings, and all. But I'm always cautious about who is in my bed.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

    1. Yes I think God does take us as we are, but many people do not realize this. They are not as wise as a bear, obviously.

  3. I love the story you use to illustrate your point. The older I get, the more comfortable I am with the mystery (mythos) of God. I no longer try to figure him out or understand him in my terms, because that's been pretty fruitless for me thus far. Very good post, Susie. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Julie! You make a good be comfortable with the mystery of God... I love that.

  4. I hope I've grown enough in my walk with God that I have (mostly) stopped presuming He is where I expect Him to be, when I expect Him to be there. Those instances of finding out God isn't in that nice, comfy place where I thought He should be can be a bit disconcerting to one's faith!
    On a humorous note... my DH goes to bed EARLY, so I'm often found creeping into our room in the dark. One night I assumed he was in the bed, only to step on his head and scare us both half to death. (His back was hurting, so he was sleeping on the floor.) He forgave me, eventually, and I started using the light from my phone to navigate our dark bedroom. ;)

    1. Haha! Stepped on his head! Hilarious...later.


    God's credibility is not predicated by a vote of confidence by the majority. God does not need to have His truth validated by the masses. The Bible and the Bible alone is God's truth to mankind. No creed book, Bible commentary, nor congregational church vote is needed to affirm God's credibility.

    The entire population of the world disbelieved God when He told them is they ate from the tree in the middle of the garden or touched it, that they would die. (Genesis 3:4)

    Adam and Eve died even though the majority opinion was in their favor. God's truth was not voided because the total population of the world disbelieved it.

    Mark 16:16 He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned.

    Jesus said he who has believed shall be saved. The vast majority of the world disbelieves that. The majority opinion does not invalidate the words of Jesus.

    Jesus said he who has been baptized shall be saved. The majority of the world believes water baptism is not essential in order for men to be saved. Majority opinion is not necessary to affirm, establish, or validate the words of Jesus Christ.

    God's credibility does not depend on the majority of the worlds population to confirm, validate, endorse, nor corroborate His truth.

    GOD'S WORD IS FOUND IN THE BIBLE AND THE BIBLE ALONE. The truth in the Bible is not subject to affirmation by a majority vote.


  6. I'm getting more and more comfortable about the mystery of God. Looking forward to some AWESOME surprises in heaven!

    1. Yes Anna, I think we will see, hear and feel a lot of surprises in Heaven!


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