Monday, May 5, 2014

I Entered a Writing Contest....and YOU can Help me Win!

Midlife Collage is a website just for us more "grown-up" writers to enter our short true stories in weekly writing contests. I enjoy reading the other entries and I am learning at the same time, because when I enter a piece, they often send it back with a few suggestions for changes and they are usually right. Cool! 

This week I have a story about the first few days after my mother passed away....what it was like to be in her home and around her things. My title is; House Full of Flowers I would LOVE to win this contest with this essay! The Contest Prize is $$, so that's always good, right? 

The judges choose the winner based on a few different criteria. Facebook LIKES count, so do that. But comments on the website under my story count the most. And (sorry) they want the comments to be "thoughtful", not just "Good story." This is embarrassing to ask you to go through so many hoops....because yep, there is still more. They also will not give the WIN to anyone who is not mentioned in the Closing Arguments page

Here is the judging criteria from their site:

"Judging is not a numbers game. If it was, our contest rules would look only at the highest number of Facebook “likes” and declare a winner. But we don’t. Our Contest Rules provide the winner is selected based upon many factors including the combined placement in three categories:
1) The number of FB likes. This is the (only) quantitative or popular category in which we look at trends, determining the leading stories.
2) The persuasiveness of high-quality comments. Unlike the FB likes, which is strictly quantitative, the judges look for persuasiveness in the high-quality comments following the stories in a contest. We are always very pleased when writers receive many comments and support from readers. In judging, however, we focus only on high-quality comments. Please see the FAQ page on high-quality comments.
3) Opinions by visitors from the Closing Arguments page. To leave an opinion on the Closing Arguments page, a visitor must read all the stories in the contest and post comments to at least three stories in the contest. Visitors abiding by the terms of the Closing Arguments page become surrogate judges offering a top pick. As provided on the FAQ page, a story cannot win first place without at least one favorable opinion by a visitor from the Closing Arguments page."

I know! Making me make you work for my win! Ha! If you still want to help, hop on over there and jump through some hoops....or just give my story a LIKE on Facebook, that will be fine with me. THANKS!!!

My story: House Full of Flowers

Thanks, you guys are THE BEST! 

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