Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Knew This Was going To Happen!

Wowza! Didn't I tell you that after so many months of quiet and spare time in which to write, it would probably all disappear suddenly and I would be super busy? If I did not tell you, I do know that it was in the back of my mind for the last several months and NOW it has happened. 

And it's all GOOD!!!

Layla's solution to feeling the PRESSURE in the house.
Hubs has been offered and accepted a job in Texas where we want to move to be near Writer Son and Sassy Bride AND our FIRST GRANDCHILD who is on the way!!!  (Hmm, need to be thinking of a fun fake name for the little one, don't I?) 

We are selling stuff.
Giving away stuff.
And packing stuff....

...As fast as we can because the job begins at the end of June!! We are also looking at houses online and may even try buying long distance!! Yikes!!

So PRESSURE is all around. Notice all the EXCLAMATION POINTS? 

I know that we are all under different levels of pressure in our day-to-day lives. I have been honored to be a Featured Friend on Barbie Swiharts's beautiful blog, A Freshly Brewed Life today. If pressure has become your enemy, this may be an encouragement for you.....See you there! 

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  1. I am so excited for you! I know this will be a very positive and blessed time for you and your family. It may be pressure to get it all done, but this is the kind of pressure that will have a very happy ending! I am so happy for you! Exclamation points are totally acceptable!!!!

  2. Yippee for new things. New job, new grandbaby, new home, new adventure in a new state. All near (not new) beloved kids! So glad for you. Looking forward to seeing what God has in store in this great leap you've taken. Layla looks like she's hanging on by her toe-nails, but at least her humans aren't leaving her! God has been so faithful in the quiet, now look at the ride He's taking you on. Yep, Yippee!

  3. Packing is a very heavy work to be done. I hate to do them but i like to go to visit places. All the best for your new place and a new job!

  4. I love moving, although hate sifting through and getting rid of and packing all the stuff. Still, it feels good to purge stuff no longer really needed. And I love new starts and new locations!

  5. It is good your big changes are GOOD changes, those are easier to embrace. New job, moving near family, looking for a house. Yup, that is busy.

  6. Breathe and HUGE congrats on Grandbaby number 1. They rock your world that's for sure. Congrats on Hubs new job too xxx


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