Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Flailing Feet...You Missed It!

Hi Friends!

You missed a ridiculously goofy performance from me this morning! I am thankful that the Hubs missed it also or he would have grabbed the camera. Yesterday our dog, Miss Layla,  decided to try to dig a hole under our fence and into the neighbors yard. No idea why. There is no other dog over there, in fact it is a totally empty yard. No pool or chairs like her own beautiful yard! 

I was in the house and Hubs was out there, but he was on the phone and did not see her little escape attempt until the sidewalk was covered in dirt and rocks...and SO WAS THE POOL! ACK! 

When the mess was discovered, I used the pool brush to move the rocks from the deep end to the shallow end to make them easier for us to retrieve them. Success! 

This morning I got my swimsuit on and got into the shallow end thinking it would be easy to to reach them. But I could not reach them without going underwater. That should not be a problem, right? Well, I am a glasses wearer and when I went under without my glasses.....it was all a blur and I kept coming up empty-handed. 

Then I brilliantly remembered my husband's prescription snorkeling goggles! Not my prescription, but worth a shot. I donned them and got myself underwater and hurrah, I could see them very clearly! Now the trick was to keep myself under long enough to grab them. 

I should have left them in deep water because I had to kick my feet to keep myself underwater enough to see the little rocks on the bottom of the pool. But the water was so shallow that my feet were just flailing IN THE AIR above the water as I tried desperately to keep under the water. 

Definitely a missed photo op!!

Aren't you sad you missed that? 


A few years ago I was going through a tough time personally. It felt like every area of my life was a mess and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. In October of that year I was introduced to a popular Blog Challenge called "31 Days of _____ ". Writers of all styles and genres were encouraged to choose one topic to blog about for all 31 days of October. The categories are endless. Decorating, crafts, kids, job hunting, marriage, biking, boxing, animals, fashion, blogging tips etc. It is not a faith-based writing challenge, just a writing challenge. 

I wanted to pull myself out of the muck of depression and since I strongly believe that we can be the boss of our mind, I choose as my category..."31 Days of Finding Joy!" The first week was very hard. I felt like I was faking as I struggled to find something to be joyful about in that day. I got mad at myself for taking the assignment but did not want to be a quitter so I wrote for a few more days. 

By the end of that month, my blog posts were NOT tough to come up with at all! Going after JOY gave me joy. Sincere, truthful joy. You can see some of these posts here. (Each one will lead to another one.)

And that brings me to this year's 31 Day Blog Challenge! I am having absolutely NO problem finding joy these days! So much has changed in my life and it is ridiculously peachy right now! 

By the way, did you see my Facebook post about my new toy? Looky looky....

My "new" 2001 Ford Ranger! LOVE it!
....Ahem, back to the subject.....The 31 Day Blog Challenge for me this October is "31 Letters to God"

I talk to God all day most days. When I see a hurting friend online I will pray for them immediately. As I sit in my new backyard I find myself saying "Thank you!" a lot! And when I have a devotional writing assignment I make time to hear what God may want the readers to know. 

But I want...I need...to get back to a more intentional, set aside time of conversation with my God each day. Each morning would be best and that is my goal this October. 

And YOU are going to help me! I love to write my prayers or conversations with God. Writing gives me clarity and focus. Knowing that my letters to God will be read by others will motivate me to set aside the time for it and it will help me to stay on subject each day. I am not a "Thee" and "Thou" kind of prayer and hopefully you will be inspired and encouraged by my way of chatting with God. 

There is still plenty of time to get in on this fun writing prompt! Hundreds of bloggers have joined and it will keep growing until October 1st. To find out more, go to Nesting Place - 31 Days. You will see the others who have signed on and you can read them each day by clicking on their buttons. See you there! And here!

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  1. I am SO happy for you and your little yellow truck! Yes, you do have so many reasons for joy these days. I am truly happy for you. Hoping this new little truck will get some attention from your neighbors...and soon you will have more reasons for joy...some new friends to share your fun and joy with. I don't think I can keep up with the 31 day writing gig right now. But I will try to keep up with yours, and that will give me joy AND inspiration. It's so good to see you here again. Joy joy joy!!!

    1. Oh, and I am sorry that no one was around to take your picture in the pool this morning. That would have been something worth seeing! I can imagine it however, and it makes me chuckle.

  2. Oh what a pretty truck, and I am smiling while picturing you in the pool, a youtube video. How good you found joy when you did that writing challenge a few years ago, and your current one is great. I am like you, I talk to God every day, pray for friends immediately when they need prayer, etc. He loves to hear from us, and He answers us too.

  3. I so know you would love Lynn's book. I must get it to you...Please don't be mad at me, when is your birthday? I am actually terrible with birthdays...but just tell me already. Looking forward to your series, and anything God whispers back to you to share...


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