Saturday, October 11, 2014

31 Letters to God | Day 11 - I'm Sorry God

31 Letters to God

Dear Father,

It is already four in the afternoon and I have accomplished nothing today. Well, I rearranged some furniture in this room, but sheesh. I pretty much frittered this day away online. Not at all what I had planned to do with these hours you have given me. I am truly sorry. It feels awful to admit this to if you didn't already know anyway. 

So many women that I know have lives that are frantic with activity. They WISH for blank days like mine to fashion as they please. I am my own boss and I am not a very good one I guess. Forgive me Father. I know You aren't mad or cranky at me. I also know that relaxing and resting are good things to do. But my browsing around the Internet was not at all relaxing or restful. Please help me Lord. 

It's after four now and I am going to turn off the internet connection and work on an article that is due in a few days. Then it will be time to fix dinner and tomorrow will be a new day to get it right. Thank you for me loving me as I am, even when I don't.

I love You,
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  1. Susie: We all have days like the one you had. I haven't done much today partly because of the weather affecting my joints and some muscles. I haven't written anything today but some journal notes and some blog comments I found time to get some laundry done. Also read in some of the books I have to read. One is a book for review, The other two are ones I ordered to read for myself.

  2. "frittered this day away online"...Oh, my!!! How I can relate to THAT statement! Resting and relaxing sometimes IS a good thing; which I do WAY too often, and usually end up spending so much time on the Internet - and then wonder just where the day has gone! I LOVE your letters to God and appreciate your sharing!

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks for coming by! Since I work from home as a freelance writer, I have an EXTREMELY lenient "boss". Not a good thing for me at all.

  3. I am reading your posts in reverse, so I already know what happened next! LOL. God is with you all the time...enjoy your relaxed time. Things have a way of changing quickly in this my advice is to enjoy every minute as it comes...take advantage of the days of relaxing and resting....they are preparing you for the busy days ahead. God is with you ALWAYS.

    1. Haha! No cheating Pam! I seem to go from ultra blank days to very busy days without warning. But the blank days are the most common lately. I am trying not to "should" on myself, but an unproductive day really does get me down.


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