Monday, October 13, 2014

31 Letters to God | Day 13 - Was That You God?

31 Letters to God

Dear God,

You are freaking me out a bit lately. A few posts (prayers) ago I gave you credit/blame for knocking down our fence so I could meet our next door neighbor. Then 2 days ago I confessed my addiction to being online and asked You to please help me not to be so distracted by the Internet. 

After hitting PUBLISH on that prayer/post we LOST OUR INTERNET CONNECTION COMPLETELY! 

I was not even bugged about it this time, because it felt like a great way to begin the next morning without the temptation to check Facebook or email before getting some work done.  I looked forward to an excuse to go to our near by library to use the Internet to send in my writing assignments. 

The Hubs called our Internet provider and they said that our modem was broken and needed to be replaced even though it is only 2 months old. Still I did not panic, we planned to take it back in a few days and were sure it would be replaced free of charge. 

So the next day (yesterday) You and I had a lovely morning together. We listened to great music and I wrote an article for a faith website where I contribute. I did some cleaning and reading and enjoyed a peaceful day in my home. 

Late in the day I happened to check our connection again and IT WAS BACK AND BETTER than before! What?? 

Was that YOU? Did you intervene in our connection just so I would see what a lovely morning I could have without it? Maybe yes, maybe no. I do not know if it was You. Do You care about such trivial things? I know that I have been brazen enough to ask you to help me merge on the freeway, but it always felt kind of presumptuous to expect help in such a silly thing. 

I love that You do care about every part of our lives Father. I believe that You do care about my day. Thank you for showing me where the true treasure in my day can be found. Thank you for loving me so much. Again I hold my life up to You and ask You to intervene any time You want or desire. Thanks for living my life right along side me. How amazing is that? 

And thanks for letting me know the connection was repaired before we tried to replace the modem! Ha! Hubs is still working on getting the fence repaired, he's not feeling so thankful. 

Sure do love you,
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  1. Susie: Sometimes things happen that have no human explanation. This could have been one of those 'God moments.' Some ofmy friends and I have them all the time.

    1. I love how God is intertwined in the entirety of our lives. We usually do not recognize him though. In recent years I have become more restrained and cautious about making such declarations though.

  2. I love "God Moments"! He is just so sweet to intervene in all sorts of different ways!

    1. Hi Larissa, thanks for coming over! God does show himself in our daily lives, and I'm trying to notice a little more these days. :)

  3. How could you NOT notice? This has been a year of extremely wonderful "God moments" in your lives. We've all noticed, that 's for certain! God loves you...He loves you...He loves you....Oh how He loves you....:)


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