Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 Letters to God | Day 14 - Yay For Craigs List!

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Good Morning God,

I have to begin with what is on top of my brain/heart today. Thank you for this glorious new/old Chippendale Writer's Desk!!!

Yay for Craig's List: Only $160!!

It is no secret that my "love language" is gifts. I feel loved by the receiving and giving of tangible presents. You made me this way so I have stopped apologizing for being such a "materialistic girl."  But wow, You have just gone way overboard in the last few months. (Not complaining... but wow.) 

I stand outside our new little office/library and just sigh with happiness and unbelief... 

My heart feels so loved and cherished by my Hubs and by You Father. After so MANY years of lack and scraping by...this new place still feels shaky and temporary. We are and always will be careful and frugal. We still need to be. (A bigger home requires bigger utilities etc. Still learning what that looks like.) But I will never again take for granted the luxury of a roof over our heads and food in our pantry. 

Thank you God for my husband. This man honestly gets his happiness from seeing ME happy! How crazy is that? No matter what else is going on in his life, if he knows that I am happy, he's satisfied. It hasn't always been this way...or I haven't always recognized it anyway. But it is obvious now, and it humbles me.

So once again God, here I am with my laptop and my "bowl" of coffee,  I look into your face and breath a thank you into the atmosphere. 

Thank You for loving me, 

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  1. So pretty! And what a great husband to take great joy in your happiness.

    1. We've been married 36 years and it gets better and better!

  2. I am really enjoying this series. I absolutely love your profound simplicity in speaking to and worshiping an awesome God.

    1. Thanks Nylse, I've been concerned at the simplicity of my posts compared to others that are heart-renching or deeply contemplative. I am a simple person and produce simple posts! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jennifer, it really is a great find! Also thanks for coming by the blog. The 31 Day project is giving us all so many fun places to check out!

  4. I LOVE your new desk!! So perfect in every way! And I also love your simplicity in sharing what is simply on your heart. I could take a lesson from that... Thank you for being faithful to this challenge. Even with a new grandbaby that I am sure you are itching to be with all the time, you find time to write your letters to God...and share them with us. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your happy journey. I'm loving it with you!


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