Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31 Letters to God | Day 15 - Love the One You're With

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Dear God,

Good morning Lord. I'm sitting here with this goofy pup, listening to the little pool-waterfall outside my window. The birds are sending songs or arguments back and forth out there. I guess they are happy that the sun is shining again. Hubs is enjoying a pipe on the screened porch, grateful that he has a late shift at work today. 

I am not a big prayer warrior and I was concerned about that the other day. Our world is pretty much one big mess and there is MUCH to pray about. As I scroll online or watch the news on TV, my heart becomes overwhelmed with it all and I have to close my eyes and keep scrolling until I see puppies or sweet baby pictures. 

How your heart must be broken Father. I cannot imagine what your view must encompass. Do you see it all as one big picture or do you see the ones, the individual people? 

When I was on one of our mission trips You told me to "Love the one you are with." That small directive told me so much about You, about how You see this world. You do see us as single, valuable individuals. You see the pain and the joy in each one of our lives. 

When I worry about not being a prayer warrior or on the mission field, I remember that even Mother Teresa lived with the belief that we each must just "love the person in front of you." One on one is important to You. 

So today Father, even though I am at home all day, I hope that I am loving the ones who read my words or look at my silly posts on Facebook. I pray that this day You and I will walk through this day together and make a difference in the ones I communicate with here. Please let me love people as individuals as a way to deliver Your BIG LOVE for them. May this blog bring a smile and a sigh of assurance to those who stumble across it today. 

You are a Lover and we are Your Loved ONES. Thank you!

Friends, I am writing over at 5 Minutes for Faith today. Come on over for a bit won't you? Thanks!

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  1. I truly love this one as it speaks clearly to me and also what I have been thinking in my own heart lately. We are not all called to go out and reach the millions of lost people in the world, but we are called to be faithful in the place where God has placed us...yes, to "love the one you're with", one person at a time as God places them in front or beside us. Thank you for confirming something that has been on my heart as well.

    1. Pam, you are really good at this. I can tell by the stories you tell and even by looking at the pics of you and your friends! Bless you today friend!

    2. not as good as you think...we are pretty much at a standstill right now when it comes to this subject. But God is able. Sometimes it is just easier to talk to the animals. I have to watch out or I could easily become a woods recluse....

  2. Thanks for this cup of refreshment! Blessings of JOY to you as you recover and love the one you're with today! I think I'll take that as good advice myself.

  3. This is wonderful, Susie. It seem the older I grow, the more my prayer list lengthens! I fully believe in the power of prayer.
    It was also nice to know there are other 31 dayers who are on the far side of 55 :).


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