Wednesday, October 22, 2014

31 Letters To God | Day 22 - So Fancy!

Dear God,

This morning when I opened this dog food bag to feed Layla, I suddenly felt SO FANCY. I mean the bag has a super nifty heavy duty re-closeable zipper opening!! It's not one of those thin bags that you have to cut open and then it rips the wrong way and dog food flies out and under the washer and dryer never to be found again. (Except by an army of ants who think they've hit a gold mine.)

My life right now is full of these tiny treasures that reveal the change in our lifestyle. The changes are really not huge (unless I remind myself that a few years ago we had several months of food stamps to assist us.) We are not wealthy or wasteful at all. But the small upgrades that came with our relocation make me smile and look up at You and whisper a heartfelt "Thank you God." 

A fridge that gives me ice and water
without opening the door!

I have one of THESE!!
My closet is big enough to require its very own light switch!!
Thank you Father for my "fancy" life! These are only objects. But their presence is evidence of small blessings and gifts from You. I do not take them for granted. I treasure them. I know how quickly they can all go away. But You are my most prized treasure and You will not disappear or leave me stranded.

You were there when we filled out one form after another to get financial help. You held us together as we walked into a tiny, cluttered social workers office and explained our situation. You were there as she smiled a warm and understanding smile towards us and agreed that lots of people were needing help now who never had before and it would all work out. 

Thank you, Father God. Even on the days when I refused to talk to You because I just did not get it, You were still close. You accepted my sighs as prayers. My complaints and questions did not cause You to turn Your face away from me. Even when I truly thought You had. 

My God, thank you for the small fancies in my life today. I will humbly take care of them as the sweet gifts they are. Thank you God for being close in the good and in the bad. In abundance and in scarcity You are still the greatest treasure. The only true necessity. 


I love you God, 
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  1. Amen! ("You are still the greatest treasure. The only true necessity.") Yes. I am realizing that more and more as the days go by. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that truth. Thank you for helping me in that regard today. I love the way God has showered His great love upon you in so many special little and BIG ways. It has been an encouragement to all of us to see such blessings and answers to prayers. We don't always understand the down times, or how suddenly they become the UP times...but through it all, God is there...showing us His great love. Thank you for being one of the blessings of my life. If you hadn't have had those down times, you might never have stayed home long enough to write your blog, and I may never have discovered you...and look what we would have missed over these past several years now!!! God does work in mysterious ways!

    1. So I have you to blame for our 3 bad years of confusion Pam? Ha! I do know what you mean though. I feel grateful that God did not give up on me while I was and still am exploring my faith with new eyes.
      And to be clear, I am also very grateful that our paths have crossed in the blog world. Your constant encouragement and strong faith have meant so much to me! Love you Pam!

  2. Susie: God allows us to go through those 'down' times to prepare us for His great blessings. Those blessings come to us in the size HE chooses for us. I have a question. What is it that you say you ' have one of these'? I can't figure it out.

    1. The picture with the caption..."I have one of these." about the pool skimmer on the fence. Because i have a swimming pool and I love it so much!

  3. Yes, we are all so blessed in this country, aren't we? The Lord IS so good!

    Blessings from Ohio...

    1. Yes SO blessed! When I think of the majority of the world, it makes me feel undeserving and so humbled to live the way I live. I am determined to be grateful and never take it for granted.


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