Friday, October 24, 2014

31 Letters to God | Day 23 - Not-So-Fancy

Dear God,

I also thank you for the not-so-fancy parts of my new life in this house. Because I never want to be the kind of person who has a "Living Room" that is never lived in. We both know that that is really not a problem for me though, right? 

So today I am looking at a few of the not-so-fancy things around here...

I found some spare paint cans in the closet and assumed
it would match the walls, so I touched up some bad spots....
Why did I keep painting, because I thought it would dry a different color I guess.

Layla's dog bones are most often found under foot in the screened porch.
I try not to look at them too closely. Gross.

Former owners left this desk chair which we don't like.
So here it sits on the porch, guarding the Noodles.

I love the weird things about this place too. Well "love" is too strong of a word. I accept the odd bits of living here. Like the fact that this neighborhood does not have big garbage totes that you can fill up all week with stinky garbage then wheel it to the curb for garbage day! We have to use plastic bags and set them on the curb twice a week. This means that stinky stuff has to sit in the garage or in the kitchen garbage can waiting for garbage day. I have even kept awful left-overs in the fridge beyond its usefulness because it was not garbage day yet. Another gross!!

Still, I love this place and You. Today we get to spend some time with our grandson Max!!! No complaining from me!!!

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  1. We all have our not so fancy places in our homes, etc. If I decided to write about that and take pictures, I could probably write a whole book! LOL. Yours aren't so bad. Trust me. Since we live in a national forest and have lots of bears and raccoons around, we don't have curbside pick up. We have to take our garbage to the dump is open every day except Tue. and Thursday, so we try to not accumulate too much on those days. Since hubby is retired, he usually finds a reason to "make a dump run" every day it is open. But it's not a bad ride...about 5 miles of lovely woods/country to drive by on the way. I even enjoy the ride with him on my days off. I sometimes take my camera and take pictures along the way. Gotta find ways to make lemonade out of the lemons of life every way we can.


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