Monday, October 6, 2014

31 Letters to God | Day 6 - My Hands

Dear God,

I want so very much to hold each person in my family tightly in my hands. If I could, I would protect them from all the gunk in this world. When I knew that a scary thing was coming our way, I would close my fingers around them so that they would never even know what they had just missed. My hands would then need to remain closed around my family because you just never know! 

I would tell myself that my motivation is love. But in truth, it would be fear, wouldn't it? 

Father, You and I have had a life-long discussion about fear, haven't we? You've shown me over and over again that fear can wear many different costumes. It can be difficult to recognize. But this morning it is obvious to me that the idea of holding each member of my growing family tightly "protected" in my closed hands is all about fear. What I imagined as safety is actually prison. 

So today with Your help, I am allowing You to pull my fingers open. I am releasing the ones I love. My hands are open and flat before You. It is so hard Father! Forgive me for letting fear steal my joy for even a minute. I can't even promise that this is the last time we will do this.

But for this day, I open my hands and lift my precious ones up to You. Into Your hands. The hands that have only one motivation, one true and pure motivation...LOVE. 

I love you,

Note to readers: My family is all safe, healthy and happy. Please don't think that this is about some kind of bad thing happening to us. All is well, I promise. Fear is just an ongoing issue for me that pops up even when everything in life is perfect. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Susie: I really appreciate this message. I have know some relatives who would tell me the most worrisome things and masked there ways,calling it love.

    1. Wisdom learns to recognize the disguises of fear. You are a wise woman and know how to refuse to allow the worrisome messages to pull you down. Bless you. Susie

  2. Susie, I just love the format you're taking with this series! True words,'s fear that makes us tightly grasp our loved ones.

    1. Thanks Cindy, I appreciate your coming by and leaving a comment! Gonna go visit your blog now.

  3. Beautiful post! It made me think of 1 John 4:18a, "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear." I've learned to surrender all (including my loved ones) to God. They belong to Him in the first place, anyway :).

  4. I love how God is speaking through you not only to you but to us as well. Fear is one of those things that keeps coming and going in this life. Yes, how wonderful if we could just keep it "going" and never "coming" again! Praise God, through Christ, we can do just that.


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