Tuesday, October 7, 2014

31 Letters to God | Day 7 - Grandpa!

Dear God,

Thank you for making this man a Grandpa! He has always wanted to be old and grandfatherly. Yep, that's a weird desire, but Hubs loves and honors the elderly and has for as long as I've known him. 

Yesterday he finally got to hold his brand new grandson for the first time and it was delightful to watch! Thanks God. He will be an amazing grandpa. He already has lots of plans that his parents would not approve of. That's our job right? (Just teasing you Mel.) 

Father, I am so grateful to be living here where we can be part of this little peanut's life. You have blessed us abundantly and this is the very best of the blessings! 

I love You,
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  1. My step-dad never had children until he married my mom. I was pregnant with my daughter when he and my mom got married. He is the most amazing grandpa, its has been really special to see his relationship develop with my daughter.

    1. I love that Melissa. I am so looking forward to this new relationship to grow over the years!

  2. Awesome. So happy for Grandpa AND Grandma. And Max and family.


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