Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Letters to God | Day 8 - The Walls Came Down

Dear God,

You know that I am letting everyone eavesdrop on a few of our conversations this month, right? I honestly thought that these chats would be a bit deeper than they have been, but maybe we are both somewhat camera-shy and it is hard to be transparent. Oh well. 

Today I am looking at this scene in my backyard and as odd as it may sound, I am thanking you for knocking our fence down in last week's thunder storm. First of all, it is odd because I do not REALLY think that YOU are the one responsible every time bad weather hits an area. I hate it when people say that a massive earthquake or tsunami is caused by your bad temper at certain people who are displeasing you. I know that You have much better control of your so-called temper and mood. And You have much more effective ways of reaching men's hearts. 

It is also strange to thank you for this added expense because...well, it is an added expense! But, the fence coming down between our yards has finally introduced me to my very sweet and funny neighbor! That is why I am thankful for it. We've been in this house since  July 19, 2014 and at last I have seen and talked to the lady next door! We have both been too chicken to knock on one another's door to make an introduction....we confessed this yesterday during our first real conversation. 

So thanks God. Tomorrow, on Hub's day off, he and I will be repairing the fence......need I ask? Please help me help him. Thanks for that too. 

I love you,
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  1. And here I thought "fences make good neighbors" LOL. That is good you met your neighbor. We have new neighbors and haven't chatted yet.

    1. I've been pretty hungry to meet people since we don't have a church or any other group setting figured out yet. That's what makes so happy about this.

  2. Susie: I once walked across the street and introduced myself to a new neighbor lady. She seemed apprehensive and standoffish. I had ocassion to go over there another time when an ambulance had just pulled away, Again she seemed as if she had rather I not be there. In the five or six years she has lived there, she has started TWO conversations with me. Because of this, I am rather skittish about being the initiator of greeting new people.

    1. Yes, I am too, it is kind of scary because you don't know how the other will feel about it yet. But I really though that the people who have lived here a long time would come introduce themselves to me as a newcomer. Especially since Texans seem to be extra friendly and chatty in stores etc.

  3. A sweet way to look at it! It was just an introduction between friends. :) and...I think it was. God is good.

    Enjoying your blog!

  4. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! God DOES work in mysterious ways! Yes!!! Answer to prayer my dear! Answer to prayer... :) xoxoxoxo


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