Thursday, November 6, 2014

Random Journal Day | 1988, Power And Love Are a Great Combo

My son and his son.

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My oldest son was five years old and we were all basking in the fun that is being five! The journal page written in early 1988 has hearts on it and a funny story about something he said that made us all laugh. 

The journal entry just before that one ends with a prayer that will be familiar to many parents...

"Again my Lord, I give my Benjamin to you. I've done that many times, but you always give his care and nurturing and molding back to me! So I say Lord, please HELP me with this priceless gift. Don't let me break it or abuse it. I am unable to shape this sweet life without you.
Together Lord, we will raise this little one. Together we will point him to God the Father. Thank you for Benjamin
and for your power and love that came with him."

Today that goofy little five year old is over 30 and probably whispering a very similar prayer about his own newborn son. 

My eyes keep going back to the final words of that journal page..."your power and love that came with him."

I remember being overwhelmed with the magnitude of love that washed over me while holding my babies. The journal entry also talks about how surprised I was at my ability to sacrifice my needs for his. I no longer saw myself as a selfish person because he was bringing out the best in me. Being a mom revealed the worst in me at times too. That is why the prayer was important. 

The power to shape a new life is daunting and scary. But the love that came with it is the real gift. Power without love is the stuff of a true-life horror movie. Again, that is why the prayer is important.

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The funny story across the page? 

""Hubs" and I were getting ready to go out to Graziano's for dinner. I told "Writer Son" that Daddy and I were going out on a date because we love each other. He said, "I hate that!".

I asked him why he hated that and he replied that "Going on a date, it's SO romantic!" and he made a terrible face.

We laughed so hard at him that he then added, "Well, I never thought YOU GUYS would do THAT!" 

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  1. Isn't it wonderful to see how God has answered the prayers whispered so many years ago for our precious children? I'm still waiting on a few answers to prayer...but God reminds me that He's got it covered and I'm not to worry about it. I am so thrilled that you are being able to watch your son with his son...such precious times. Enjoy every minute. The babies grow up way to quickly.

  2. OH, good grief! Your son, taken aback by the fact you are going on a date? Well, with a baby in the house, life will be more "interesting." Perhaps in 20 years, he will take his beloved wife out on a date. That will be something. Keep track of that possibility.

    Blessings and Bear hugs to all!

  3. Out of the mouths of babes. Children don't realize that parents have to keep the romance going or life would be very hard to deal with. I can just see a five year old boy saying that. Blessings to you and yours.

  4. So sweet. I love everything about this. The picture (does his son look like him?), the inspired words of your prayer (power and love that CAME WITH HIM--WOW!!!), the interaction with him as a disdaining child about your romantic date with his dad. Look who's smirking now (since he's probably sleepless and wishing for a romantic moment with his wife!). Ah, life. I love it!!!

  5. Love this one! God's love and power and humor are amazing!

  6. hahahaha! And WORLD FAMOUS - yeah! hahhaaaa! So much impact in so few words. Prayer is key, yes. And motherhood does bring out the best and worst in us...and our utter complete lack...and His amazing abundance. You are an amazing grandma- I am so excited for all God is doing in your life now. So good. So needful. You are surrounded by love and potential adventures...He has brought you to a good, and spacious place. I pray you enjoy it fully!


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