Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Scared!

My amazing haul today!!!

Have you ever had a real roller-coaster day? The kind of day when your stomach swirls from a quick adrenaline surge of sheer happy-happy-joy-joy and then an equally deep adrenaline surge in the negative direction? And then up and down once again? 

That is my TODAY and it is only 4:45 pm! 

At this moment, my dog, Layla and I are barricaded in my bedroom...and we just might be staying here until the Hubs gets home around 9:30 tonight. I've got water, my laptop, cell phone and a TV...I'm good. (Thankfully my 5-day flu seems to be finished at this point. Yay!)

The coaster ups and downs that brought us to this predicament began with a morning on the couch trying to write an article while ignoring some left-over flu symptoms. I went outside to take a picture of our color-changing trees for my article and I noticed that there seemed to be more wasps than usual.

We fought them off all summer, always checking for them every time we went outside. In recent weeks they've been gone and I thought that maybe we would not see them again until next summer. It was so nice to be able to truly relax in our backyard. 

So now I was wondering why they were back and I googled the question. Yowza! That is as bad as googling a medical symptom! By they time I found the information, my skin was crawling with the heebie-jeebies and my eyes were darting every which way. 

I learned that the FALL is actually their strongest and most aggressive time of year! These are RED WASPS if you want look it up and join me in my freakidom. Horrible creatures!!

While I am reading this info, Layla jumps after a RED WASP IN MY HOUSE! She ran away and rubbed her nose on the floor, but there is still no swelling so she may be fine. I battled the thing, which is not easy with just a flimsy broom. They are big and strong and AGGRESSIVE. I thought I killed it and bragged about it on Facebook. It was smashed between the runners of the sliding glass door, for pete's sake. 

So there's the BAD part of the roller-coaster. (Though in reality, for me, there is no good part of a roller-coaster.) My heart was pounding and I was hugging the dog, looking for any sign of injury. 

I had set up an appointment the other day to go see a fake Christmas tree that someone was selling, so the next plan was to keep that appointment even though I wasn't feeling like leaving the house today at all. I made myself do it though.

Carefully writing out the directions, I went to get some cash first and then made my way to the lady's house not too far from here. We had a lovely chat and I loved the 7 1/2 foot tree that came with white lights and tiny pine cones. She was moving out of state and her garage was full of other Christmas decorations that she did not want to pack. My eyes lit up and I asked what she wanted for the two GRAPEVINE wreaths (with lights) and an artificial wreath and long garland. (Original price of the tree alone: $400.00!!)

Oh me oh my! I packed it all into the back of my sweet yellow truck for $35!!! When I got home I was literally singing to Layla about my great deal as I looked it all over. Definitely an upswing adrenaline rush was happening. The GOOD.

Then I heard Layla whine again. That stupid wasp had resurrected!! The broom is really useless against it, so I sprayed it with some bad stuff and now Layla and I are waiting it out in the bedroom for who knows how long. The BAD IS BACK! 

So here I am, hiding in my bedroom. 

I do not like roller-coasters. Did I already say that? The first (and last) time I rode one, I did it to impress my crush. I sat on my purse to keep it from falling out, not realizing that when the coaster takes a steep drop downward, my body would go upward and my purse would fly to the ground far below. Everything spilled out and I had to watch a guy get a golf cart down into the steep terrain to find all of my silly belongings and bring them back to my very embarrassed little self. (My crush married me, so that's a definite upswing on the GOOD side.)

Still hiding in my bedroom. Hubs just called and said to get some shoes on and stomp on it.   Kind of hard to do while it is bonking itself against the ceiling. When I get my nerve up again, Layla and I will venture out of this room and hunt the intruder down. 

At some point.

UPDATE: After hiding in my room for about 1 1/2 hours, writing this post, Layla and I started to get hungry. So at 6:30pm I tucked my sweatpants into my socks, put on some shoes and a long sleeve shirt and went out to do battle with the stupid Red Wasp. We found it shriveled up, dead, near the back door and I stomped on it to be sure it would not rise again.

Yay! Now let's get off this roller coaster, ok? 

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  1. Wow! You have had a topsy turvy kind of day. I hope the wasp wears himself out and drops dead really soon. Do you have any of that wasp spray that sprays 25 feet or more? You need to have that on hand. I'm happy you found a great Christmas tree and other good stuff...isn't it fun to have a truck to haul good deals home? Hopefully by now hubs is home and all is well. Praying for you anyway. Sounds like you need some extra TLC.

    1. I sprayed that stuff at it and it still flew away! It is 6pm now and I have not left my room yet. Such a wimp! Oh well, at least it's a nice bedroom! :)

  2. Wow! Home invasions are really not fun! Whatever kind of invader you are facing. Glad you both survived.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Susie!

  3. Susie: You learned an important fact here. Wasps like the fall. There used to be a Dairy Queen a block and a half away from us. In the late summer they had to hang plastic contraptions to catch them and the bees in. The sweet sugary treats brought them out in droves.

    1. So disappointing! I thought we were done until next summer. Grr.

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