Saturday, January 10, 2015

Not Everyone Survives the Move From California to Texas...

This is the story of a PLANT called Irving. I've never said his name out-loud, but in my mind I always think "Irving" when I look at him. I don't remember when he joined our family, but here is my earliest photo of him hanging around my ultra-COUNTRY-decorated kitchen about 26 years ago! That is Writer Son who is now a 32 year old Daddy! 

Here is Irving again in 2009. We had one other home in-between these two photos where he was a happy part of our family also.

Irving was part of many fun and silly times in our home. Here he is chuckling
at our good friend Linda, when we scared her with a plastic bug in her Christmas stocking! 

Sweet Irving flourished in our California home for many years! 

I think he really enjoyed his transplant to this cute pitcher in 2013!

Then in mid 2014 Irving was in for a real adventure!

We packed him up and drove him nearly 2,000 miles as we moved from California to Texas! Sharing the back seat with Layla
made the ride so much fun!

Irving even got to meet his cousin Basil, when we spent 3 weeks living with my son and his wife before moving into our own home! They seemed to get along wonderfully!
At last it was time to move Irving into our own home in Texas! He loved the pretty and spacious kitchen.

He also loved to spend time by the swimming pool!

But soon after the big move, Irving began to show signs that he missed his California home. His edges turned brown and sad.

Today after over 26 years of happiness, Irving appears to be ready to leave us.
 We are so unhappy about this! Maybe we should have left Irving in California!

Will fake sunshine help Irving pull out of the winter doldrums? I'm not ready to say "Good-bye"
to Irving since he's been with us for so long.....

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  1. Maybe some fresh potting soil? Maybe a better drained pot? Maybe he likes the shade and humidity of a kitchen? Maybe he needs you to talk to him? Maybe he's been over watered? Or maybe he hasn't had enough water? Maybe he's lonely. Maybe he's "California Dreamin'". I am sorry about Irving. I hope he survives. Maybe you need to find an "Irvette" to join him? I'll say a little prayer for Irving. Maybe he just needs some love. Thanks for telling us about him. He certainly has had an interesting life.

    1. Ha! Pam, it could be any of the above! I think he needs a better draining pot....gonna work on that this week end I hope.

  2. Poor Irving, I hope he recovers. He has been part of your family for a long time.

    1. I hope so too...and yes he has! Shocking to me really!

  3. Susie: Back when I was growing house plants, I used to talk to them. Our son thought that was weird. My dad and stepmother were visiting one night. Son said, "Papaw, mom talks to those plants. Isn't that crazy?" My dad grinned his sheepish grin and asked me,"Have you played music for them?" So, you might try playing music for Irving. Also. If you repot Irving, you might consider putting some stones or marbles in the bottom of the pot. Just things I heard about. My plants never last near as long as Irving. I don't have good natural light in my house.

    1. Haha! Yeah I've talked to him...and Layla...and the TV...and especially my laptop.

  4. Is he a pathos? I love those. I bet he is not done yet. Maybe some new soil? Maybe a hug! :)

    1. I don't really know. Today I replaced the soil and put him in a new flower pot...hope this works!


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