Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tarnished Beauty - Destined to be Together | Sounds Like a Romance Novel


I have been married A LOT of years. And all through those years I wandered through more garage sales, flea markets and antique stores than I can count. In fact, Hubs learned early on, that a slow walk through an antique store was the WAY to my heart, big time. 

Some time last night while I was doing my usual not-sleeping routine, I suddenly remembered the silver tea service that was in the back of one of our guest room closets. I KNEW it belonged on our recent craig's list table. 

We donated box after box of household items and a life-long collection of blue and white decorations before the big move. It seemed like the closer we got to the moving van showing up in the driveway, the more BRUTAL we were about getting rid of stuff. 

Just did not want to pack it all, you know?

I had pulled the silver tea set out of the thrift store donation box at the last minute. It was dusty and had been hidden away on a closet shelf for over 15 years I think. I cannot even remember where we bought it in the first place. It must have grabbed my fancy at a garage sale or church rummage sale along the way. I do recall spending $8 for it though. 

Last night I randomly pictured it sitting on our table in the dining room. So weird. 

But those CURVES are just totally PERFECT together. Are they from the same era? No idea. Don't care.

I am sitting here just being thankful that some dusty, tarnished (I LIKE it that way.) bits of metal seem to have been destined for this table and this house and this state. This time in my life. 

So. Much. Is. Fitting together right now...kinda weird...and sweet. 
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  1. I LOVE that tarnished beauty! Yes, they were meant to go together...your elegantly curved table was waiting to hold the equally elegantly curved tarnished silver tea set. You are starting a new era in your life...there is something significant about this lovely duo. Time will tell the rest of the story...

    1. P.s. I also love those chairs...just the way they are! I wouldn't paint them...but that's my opinion. I'm sure whatever you decide to do with them will be perfectly lovely too!!!

  2. How nice you saved it, and found a place to display it.

  3. Definitely fits, like you and the newly-more-locally-employed! Tarnished, not always from the same period: you like one thing, he likes another but together, so right. Wood and paint and curves and silver. A little age and a whole lot of love. Yep, it's perfect!

  4. Ah... Now all you need is a cup of dandelion tea.


  5. Weird, sweet, dusty and tarnished...and WE all have a place at the table!


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