Friday, March 20, 2015

Like A Dog With a Bone

This dog. Just look at her life. She literally has it made. What more could any sensible canine wish for? 

 In spite of the occasional removal from the prime yard chair by her human, Miss Layla could not be happier and more content...

 ..Or could she? How about adding a super gross and delicious bone to the picture? Now THAT has got to be the most satisfied and happy dog.

After several sunny days by the pool, today we had rain and sudden claps of thunder and very CLOSE cracks of lightening. Here she is begging to bring that awful thing into the house. I made her drop it and leave it on the porch, then she came in and looked at it through the glass door and begged to go out.

Life is just so hard for a dog. 
P.S. Enjoy these pics while they last because I am not too happy with this critter today. Tempted to simply leave the front door open one of these days.
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  1. Your dog is very sweet, disgusting bone and all.

  2. Hubby saw these pictures and likes her. Don't be too mean to her,please?

    1. Aww that's sweet. I will try to be patient. Really must work on some serious no-bark, no-jump training or my own grandson cannot come to my home! Unacceptable. She barks and freaks out and he cries and no one is happy.

  3. So awesome...Layla is a doll...and I am aching to sit by that pool with you. Despite the loss of my waist line AND the addition of my fabulous new muffintop. ;)

    1. A lack of waist line combined with muffin tops will be a requirement in this pool. Maybe Pamela's woodworking son came make a sign for my yard!

    2. So glad I just read this comment! LOL. I will tell him. What shall our sign say? Only Waistless Muffin Tops Allowed! So funny. Gotta come up with a good one. And don't be too hard on Layla, after all, she was here first! However, Grandbabies do have priority. Praying for you AND Layla! It's hard being displaced by a baby!


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