Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Trophies

I wasn't going to add my words to the overwhelming flood of Mother's Day posts and articles floating before our eyes this week. But even as I only read the headlines and titles, I began to get that smooshy, weepy, nostalgic, and sweet mood that comes with this holiday...or for me, pretty much any holiday. Searching for a photo for this blog post only drew me deeper into the smooshiness. :) 

In recent years I have been jealous of the current new moms. They have the Internet to help them through the lonely and confusing season of child-raising. I looked at the way a new mom could post a question on social media sites and immediately get all kinds of advice and encouragement to choose from! All I had was my mom and the few child development books that were available. And I often found those two resources in direct contradiction of one another. 

But I think I am changing my mind about that jealousy now. Today's young moms might have TOO much information storming at them from way too many sources. It takes some serious study to figure out how to pull the good advice from the bad, and who has time for that? Talk about overwhelming! I would freeze up like I do when I go to a restaurant with too many pages in the menu! 

There are many things I would do differently if I were able to go back in time. But I would never choose to go back if given the opportunity. The Hubs and I raised two boys, figuring it out as we went along, like every parent does. They were and are well-loved and they always knew it. Love was always there, underneath the wonderful moments and the awful ones. 

Going back in time would change the men that my boys have become, and that would be unacceptable to me. Those two little boys in that photo up above have grown into good, caring and kind men. Men that I love to be around. They are people that I never get tired of looking at or listening to. (The smooshiness is filling up my eyes again now.) The two people that I mothered are good for this world. They are contributors to the laughter, honesty and beauty of the world they live in.

They are good and faithful friends to the people in their lives. They are generous and creative. The ones they spend their days with feel cherished and valued. My men know how to make you smile and look at the other side of a hard situation. Both are quick to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously. Their passion and loyalty constantly surprise me and fill me with pride. 

These two men are my trophies. Happy Mother's Day to me! 

P.S. Writer Son just told me why he was laughing so hard in the photo above. He said that Rocker Son had just burped! brothers! 
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  1. This was beautiful. I wish I'd thought of it first! :) You always write about stuff I being a mother of wonderful sons....something we both have in common. Thank you for expressing this so perfectly. Love the picture of your adorable sons. Thank you. Made me smile.


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