Monday, July 6, 2015

The Time Some Puppets Helped Me Raise My Kids - RJD

Being raised in church gives you these creepy little friends. :) 

It is RANDOM JOURNAL WEEKEND! That odd and slightly quirky bloggers challenge when you get to open up an old journal and share bits of it or just use it as a writing prompt for a new blog post. This morning I was in the mood to write about my kids because watching my 9 month old grandson has somehow stirred up all those mooshy squishy overwhelming love feelies in me. 

But I decided not to open the journals that I had created especially for my thoughts about each of them because they are grown men now and do not need to see that on a blog post in their FB feeds. SO I opened a different, more random journal, to a random page and what do you know....There was a story about Writer Son just begging to be told! 

Sorry kids, it is fate....And from what you guys put on FB, neither of you know how to be embarrassed anyway!  

I am going to include the entire journal entry because it appears that I had some really pretty great mommy skills on this particular day....It comes and goes and you got to celebrate the winning days! 

Writer Son/Ben was 9 years old.

"After a couple of days of putting up with sassy talk and a really negative attitude from Ben, I finally asked him what was going on. He mumbled "nothing." I left him alone about it.

Next day the behavior continued and it had to be confronted. I said, "I know that this mean, rude boy is not my Ben. My Ben is sweet and kind and loves Jesus. What is going on inside you?"

At first he said, "Nothing, what are you talking about?" So I just sat there in silence, asking God to help me know what to do.

I said, "Do you like yourself like this?" His eyes filled with tears and he shook his head "No."

"Why are being mean to your family? Is it to be cool?" 

Through tears he said, "I don't know how to stop, I can't help it."

I prayed for him and he prayed that God would help him be better. I reminded him that he cannot be good on his own. That I cannot be good on my own. We need God to be good in us. Any other way fails. 

Here's the great part, you guys...

The next morning when I got up to wake him, I found him dressed, washed, bed made, sitting in the living room reading a Narnia book. He was so proud of himself. I told him I was so pleased and proud that he did all of that without me nagging or pushing him. And what a blessing he was to me.

He said, "It's just like when Solomon only prayed for wisdom, and then he got fame and money and lots of stuff. You only prayed that the old Ben would come back and now I'm even better!"


SO the moral of the story is that when you are raised in church and Sunday School, you not only get to be friends with a bunch of felt people that all seem to talk with very high voices, you also acquire some amazing life lessons that help you grow up into a wonderful human being. 

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  1. Oh ,my goodness. An awesome lesson we all need to remember! Ha. Thanks Susie for bringing home the lessons of His amazing love so faithfully. Now, next time let's share one of those OTHER kinds...the fall on your face mother lessons...I know those so well. BUt, you are right the momhood victories are few and far between (by appearance) when we are in good to have them recorded to remind us He is faithful...and to keep those in the moment, spontaneous, ceaseless prayers coming to His throne of grace. LOve you! On a facebook break this week (once a month - one week off ) so I will be absent from our fave play place!

    1. Thanks Dawn. My fails far outnumber my success stories but I don't like to dwell on them.
      I commend you for your once a month FB fast, great idea!

  2. Susie: This is precious. I once had to discipline our son by sending him to bed rather early. The next evening, after I got home from work and after supper, he told me he felt better that day than he had. I chalked it up as a "win for mom." He had not been paying attention in school and didn't get his work done. I had to deal with it.

  3. loved this post...I remember those creepy puppet friends...I wonder what my grown sons think of them now...God is good and we can only be good moms and have good kids because of His help and love! Great to see God at work!

  4. Those are priceless memories. So happy you have that stored away for future reference as well as the present. Your son Ben is now a daddy, and someday he may need to remember that story for HIS son! This was so sweet. Makes me very nostalgic for those long ago days with my little boys. Sigh. Thank you. I wish I had written more back then. It's hard to recapture now.


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