Friday, September 4, 2015

Hawaiian Fantasies | Random Journal Day

Well known fact: Everyone looks better in Hawaii than they do in real life!

The space between my blog posts have gotten a bit too long lately, need to remedy that in the coming weeks. But thanks to the fun and surprising Blog Challenge called RANDOM JOURNAL DAY (even though it runs for a weekend) I am stubbornly dragged out of my laziness to at least post once a month. Thanks Dawn for keeping our brainchild going! For all the details about RJD go HERE  to see Dawn's great description.

Today I literally opened an old journal to a random page and ended up in tears of gratefulness as I read my own words. I had recently returned home from a miraculous trip to Hawaii to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Trips to Hawaii are not what you'd call normal life for us. Wasn't then and isn't now but....well here's what I wrote and the prayer that it led to....


While in Hawaii I imagined coming again in 5 years for our 35th anniversary or in 10 years for our 40th and bringing with us "Writer Son, Rocker Son" and their wives! Not a normal kind of way for my mind to wander, but it is a good and healthy way to use my imagination I think. 

Writer Son is 25 and Rocker Son is 21. Either or both could easily be married in the next 5 to 10 years. It is not a far-fetched thought, even though it seems so at the moment. So I am now going to be a little proactive about this fantasy by picturing it and praying into it and begin to set my life and heart up to be ready for it.

My boys with wives. Father, I pray for those two young women right now and ask you to bless them with an OVERLOAD of your GOODNESS today. Protect their young hearts and bodies so that they will hear your clear voice when you cause their paths to cross the pathways of my sons.

Allow them the FREEDOM to be creative and the STRENGTH that comes from your JOY in them. Pour yourself into them even today. I ask that you mend the wounded parts in them and let them see WHO their real rescuer is. 

.....some more personal requests I am omitting....

I can see us 6 adults in the airport in line for tickets etc. My heart is full as I watch my men and their women. We'll get neighboring rooms overlooking an amazing Maui beach! Hubs and I will be laughed at by the young ones and we will laugh at them as they see whales for the first time and learn to snorkel or surf. 

We'll have yummy dinners out and walk through Lahaina and get silly t-shirts and stuff. Maybe the guys will buy special jewelry for their wives. We will separate for long walks or drives around Maui. 

God, I am asking for this, is it too much? It feels like too much, too extravagant. But maybe it is your idea more than mine. Maybe I am hearing your heart for our family. ??

Father, I also ask you to prepare our hearts to fully embrace our daughters-in-law. Let us pour our love and your love all over them. Give us wisdom about when to speak or not to speak, to push or shut up. Thank you for my sons. For their strength and goodness and desire for justice. For their humor and gentle way with one another's feelings and dignity. Thank you that they respect us and one another. For their love of music and movies. Thank you for their creativity and the the leadership gifts you have placed in both of them. Thank you that they both hate hypocrisy and will not settle for less than the best. Thank you for their generous hearts that often humble me. You are IN Writer Son and Rocker Son and I am grateful for all you will do in these men. Thank you for making me their mom."

Okay, getting teary-eyed again as I type this out. I believe that God does hear and honor these kinds of prayers. At least the parts about praying for my sons future wives. I know that He did answer those prayers for my first DIL and I will continue to pray for my second DIL who has not appeared just yet.

As far as a return visit to Hawaii is concerned; my mind has kinda changed on that. I loved Hawaii but if we were able to do a big trip like that together now, I'd rather it was more exotic, like Jamaica or something. Getting up my "high horse" now huh? I hope God reads this and knows that I've changed my fantasy destination.

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  1. I love your fantasy dreams for your sons, DIL, etc. Nothing wrong with that. God has already answered one part...with a bonus...a marvelous grandson! Just keep that prayer going. God is working on the best response for all concerned. I do the same for my two unmarried sons. I know God has a plan, in HIS time, His way...and I have to trust Him. He knows what is best for ALL concerned. But it's okay to dream and pray and hope. Thank you for sharing this. I love your heart.

    1. Thanks Pam. He definitely gave us a wonderful bonus! I wasn't even thinking that far!

  2. WOWWWWWW! Is all I can see is answered prayer here and the power, beauty and grace in it all...the details that God gave and the specifics that you prayed are not lost on me...all of His ways are perfect and he knows what is best for all of us...we never know what is ahead, what prayers He will show fully and which ones will be answered at a time in a way we had not imagined. He is so faithful. LOve you...

  3. I love the combination of dream and prayer in this. How often our dreams for the future ARE our deepest prayers. It's a wise person who leans into those dreams and knows they're prayers. Maybe it's because you see in images that you could so fully SEE what you prayed for your sons. I've prayed similar prayers and it encourages me that you've seen answer for one of yours. We wait and pray and trust God. Thanks for a sweet story--and a sweet picture. Boogie-boarding looks good on you!

    1. Thanks Carolyn, it's one of those pics from the past when you thought you were fat and now you wish you were only that fat! Ha!
      It was an interesting moment because I could sense the need to go ahead and wallow in it and expand on the idea, you know?
      And regarding the DIL prayers, I truly believe that God hears and answers those! My DIL is simply amazing and so so good for my equally amazing son! So thankful!

    2. The "wallow" comment was about the Hawaii fantasy of having 6 of us there together...not wallowing in the sand and surf! Ha!

  4. Susie: I like your dreams. God will answer your requestsfor your sons.. I believe this because He likes the concept of families.

  5. I have friends in Hawaii. It's like they were made for that part of the world. Not quite me--nor the tropics. I dream of a thatched roof cottage in the middle of the Yorkshire dales with a village in walking distance and a tea shop to hang out in, a garden to read in, and a picturesque landscape in every direction with at least one big house or castle/abbey ruins in the neighborhood. I had to create that place in my book series as I've never had the gumption to actually pray to go there. Emotionally, I don't know if I could handle the bliss and I'd waste the time being awed.
    Glad you're one son married on the way to the answer to your prayers. A worthy mother's prayer for joy and happiness and vacation fun together as a family.

    1. Hi Miss Kathy, do you have a blog i could visit? Your link does not list one.

      I love how detailed your dream spot is. Hopefully you will be able to at least visit that Yorkshire dales cottage someday. I know people over there, it happens! Tell me more about your books, sounds interesting!

    2. Aha! With a tiny bit of detective work I found you! You are The Writer's Reverie! I know you!

  6. Not sure where to put this, so I will write it on your most recent post!

    "Pleasing God is simply not as hard as you think."

    I was reminded of your saying from your blog yesterday and it brought a smile to my heart. I had been thinking of all the things I need to accomplish...ha. And then these words rang in my mind. :) Thank you...


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