Thursday, October 29, 2015

Brilliant and Not so Brilliant

She will WAIT until I say OK.

"Layla, you are so brilliant!" I beamed at her as she ran to her crate to get her favorite toy. She loves her very gross looking KONG TOY, the only dog toy she has not destroyed over the years. It has a small hole at the top and big hole at the bottom, and when I tell her to "get your toy!", she runs happily around the house searching for it because when she drops it at my feet I  stuff it with a treat to eat. 

So the other day she looked all over the kitchen and main living areas in a panic trying to locate the toy that I had asked her to bring to me. I then remembered that it was probably inside her crate in another room and so I said, "Is it in your crate?" not thinking she would get the connection at all. But she suddenly looked at me with a "Oh yeah!" expression and she ran off to her crate and promptly plunked the toy down in front of me! 

I was shocked and totally impressed! 

And then today...

I hear an awful choking sound and I wonder what in the world she has eaten now. I quickly followed the desperate sound and find this...

My "brilliant" Layla loves to chew up empty toilet paper rolls and I found her trying to reach the one at the bottom of this garbage can. It was too tall for her to stretch to the bottom and she was choking herself trying to get it. 

So brilliant. 

No moral of the story, just thought you might like an update on our Layla. Like the rest of us she has her smart days and her not-so-smart days. 

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  1. She is brilliant... and beautiful Susie 😊 Our fur/feather-babies are such a source of joy. Check out my "chicken post" from yesterday... "The Girls, P1" Fun read tonight.

  2. "Is it in your crate?"

    She understands! World domination can not be far behind.

    1. Yep...except for the choking of ones self while grasping for tp roll.

  3. We all have not so smart days. Layla's a wonder dog! (We won't tell Dawn). Love the story...and the "non-moral" of the story! Some days we just need to laugh.


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